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Favourite Booktubers

Booktube is my favourite place on the internet. It’s a relatively small community of Youtubers who talk about books – they review them, they do wrap-ups and book hauls, and they discuss their favourites. So today I thought I’d share my favourite ones with you. If there are any Booktubers you love and want to share, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. And if you watch any of these people, please do tell me!

(These are in alphabetical order. All the pictures are from Google and don’t belong to me.)



She’s the Booktuber I’ve been subscribed to the longest. Her videos are very short, which is unusual for Booktube, but probably the main reason she has so many subscribers. She’s originally from the Netherlands and has been living in London for a long time. She also works in the publishing industry, so she gets to read a lot of books before they’re available to the rest of us mortals. Her reading taste is fantastic, and she’s one of those people everyone in the community is subscribed to.

C. A. DuBois


One of my favourite people in the entire world. Her videos are very different from most, she doesn’t do classic wrap-ups and hauls, but just talks about random books she thinks are interesting. A lot of her videos are just her sharing some thoughts on a particular subject or talking about something that happened to her. The perfect mix between a really smart, interesting vlogger and a Booktuber basically. When I first found her channel I wasn’t sure what to think of her, as she seemed a little snobby – her accent and style remind me of a kind of upper class woman from a long time ago. But she is just such a lovely person, and she always tries so hard to be kind that it’s impossible not to love her. Also an extremely analytical reader. She has a blog here on WordPress as well, although she hasn’t updated it in a long time.



A very lovely girl whose videos are always interesting and on point. She is one of the most professional Youtubers I have ever seen, with a lot of dedication. Her reading taste is not really my favourite, but her honest, detailed reviews make up for that, and I’m always happy to see a new video of her’s. She’s currently re-reading the Harry Potter books and reviewing them, which is something I’ve never seen anyone do. I mean, how do you review Harry Potter? Somehow she’s doing a great job and making me want to read them again myself.

Jean Bookishthoughts


Jean is another absolute favourite of mine, not just on Booktube but on Youtube in general. She is Scottish and her accent is the best thing in the world. Her reading taste is great, as she reads a bit of everything. Lots of literary fiction, which I’ve been trying to get into (although it seems like I enjoy watching videos about it more than actually reading it). She’s a passionate feminist – all these Booktubers are, but she talks about Feminism more than the others, and she likes to discuss politics frequently. Her videos always feel very personal, she laughs a lot and messes up here and there, and they just never feel forced or scripted, which I love. She studied classics, so she talks about that a lot too, and if you’re interested in reading about Ancient Greece or Rome, she’s the one to go to for recommendations. She also has some videos up about university life and studying, and she has a blog here on WordPress as well.

Jen Campbell


I present to you my favourite Youtuber in the entire world! I’ve talked about Jen before, but I can never repeat myself enough: she’s absolutely fantastic. She reads mostly literary fiction, which, again, is not my favourite genre, but I somehow love to hear people talk about it. Honestly, Jen could talk about literally anything and I would still listen to her. It’s so rare to find authors who are good in front of the camera – most are way more into writing than talking, and get awkward on video. She just seems to be good at everything, and she’s as smart as it gets. She’s written some of my favourite non-fiction books: The Bookshop Book and Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, which are absolute must-reads for any bookshop lover!

She talks about lots of interesting stuff apart from books, like sexuality, deformity, disability, and much more. If there’s just one person you’re going to check out from this list, let it be her. She deserves all the love.



Oh, the love! I adore this girl. She’s really smart, and she has that kind of I-really-don’t-give-a-shit-what-you-think-of-me atitude that I love. She’s absolutely bad-ass, funny, and just such a delight to watch. She talks about a lot of stuff that bothers her, especially sexism, and her way of talking about books is really exciting. I don’t think she’s ever made a boring video, and a lot of her thoughts are fresh and offer a new perspective, even for someone who thinks they’ve heard and seen it all.

Library at the Edge of the World

maxresdefault (2)

Another Booktuber who always makes me super happy. She has the most soothing voice in the world, and there’s just something lovely about her videos. Again, she reads literary fiction and stuff I don’t like that much, but I love listening to her.

Little Book Owl

maxresdefault (3)

One of the few Booktubers I’m subscribed to who actually read my favourite genres: fantasy, YA and genre fiction in general. Most of the Booktubers who read those kinds of books tend to be way too excited for my taste and they spend half of the video screaming – if that’s something you like, you do you, but it’s really not for me. So when I found this lovely Booktuber I was delighted. She reads my kinds of books and still manages to not give me a headache and make me cringe every five seconds. She’s also Australian, so yeah, if you love the way Troye Sivan talks, check her out.


maxresdefault (4)

I decided to check out her channel after Jen had talked about her for ages – and I’m glad I did. She’s an extremely strict reader, she rarely gives books five stars, and sometimes her reviews feel overwhelmingly negative. But when she does love a book she loves it to bits, and I honestly really enjoy listening to her. I don’t know what it is with me and subscribing to people who read the opposite of what I enjoy, but she reads pretty much only literary fiction. Most of the people on this list read literary fiction and other things as well, but Mercy is as literary as it gets. For some reason I also really love her voice.


hqdefault (2)

Oooohhh, I love this girl so much! She’s another of the few who have my reading taste, and I just adore her positivity. She manages to be super excited about the books she reads without being annoying – that’s what I call a rare talent on Youtube.

She reads a lot of LGBT+ themed books, and she manages to be lovely but still very critical when she doesn’t like a book. She’s not afraid to state that a really popular read isn’t actually as good as everyone says, and I just get super excited every time a new video of her’s is on my feed.



One of the big Booktubers, but not at all annoying. She’s lovely and reads my kinds of books, plus lots of historical fiction. A lot of the books on my wishlist are ones she’s talked about in her videos, and she just has a way of reviewing books that makes me feel like I want to read all of them.


maxresdefault (5)

If there’s one Booktuber who has the most similar reading taste to mine, it’s Cece. She’s adorable and absolutely lovely (also a fellow Ravenclaw) and her videos always make me super happy. She reads lots and lots of LGBT+ themed books and a wide variety of other things. Something I really love about her is that she’s great at realising when a book is problematic and has some bad representation, especially of queer characters.

Reads and Daydreams


I would usually stay away from a channel with such a cheesy name, but you’d be surprised at the videos she uploads – they’re the opposite of the romance novel reviews I expected. Lauren is one of the kindest, sweetest Booktubers I’ve found so far, and her videos are always lovely. She reads literary fiction mostly (she’s part of the British-Booktubers-who-read-literary-fiction-and-all-know-each-other club) and has an amazing voice. Her videos have this really tidy feeling to them – like she really knows what she’s doing – but at the same time they always feel very natural.

Sophie Carlon


Sophie started her channel fairly recently, and she’s just the cutest thing ever. I love her way of reviewing, and just her personality in general – she’s the kind of unique person who sticks out of a crowd. Fun fact: she recently said that she really didn’t like Half of a Yellow Sun and didn’t finish it, and because it’s one of my favourite books I felt almost personally offended and left her a sort of almost-mean comment (it wasn’t even mean, but I’m used to only writing positive comments, so when I disagree with someone and criticise what they’re saying I feel like I’m attacking them). ALSO LOOK AT HER. SO PRETTY.

Stacks of Books

mqdefault (2)

This is probably the youngest Booktuber I’m subscribed to – I’m not sure how old she is, but I’m pretty sure she’s still in high school. She reads a lot of YA and books she gets assigned for class, and she’s a huge fan of LGBT+ themed books (that seems to be my main criteria for subscribing to people). She’s the main reason I read The Song of Achilles, which I adored (and reviewed here – subtle, eh?). I love how she’s still a little awkward in her videos, even though she’s really good at reviewing books, and how she just gets very passionate about the stuff she reads.


So those are my favourite Booktubers! I just counted and realised they’re exactly 15 – I swear I didn’t do that on purpose, haha. I would really love to get some recommendations from you guys – possibly smaller Youtubers, as I know most of the popular, big ones.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



9 thoughts on “Favourite Booktubers

  1. I love Jean! I don’t even really read the books she does, but she’s definitely inspired me to try out more classical literature. I love everything she says about feminism too! I don’t know a few of these people, so I’m definitely going to check them out 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I also watch Booksandquills and Justkissmyfrog! They are great! I also reallllly love Kristina Horner, who is kinda starting to become a booktuber. I love her so much; she started as a wizard rocker (and one of the 5 Awesome Girls) and now she’s getting into booktube. Nice post!

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