Bookish podcast: Books with Jen

Today I want to talk about a new thing I discovered very recently: podcasts! Who knew I’d be into that! If you don’t know what a podcast is, it’s kind of like a radio show. It’s usually a recording of about an hour, where people talk about a certain topic. In this case, it’s Jen Campbell‘s podcast, which is called Books with Jen.


I’ve been watching Jen’s Booktube videos for a long time now, and when she announced she was going to start a podcast I got really excited. For some reason I didn’t listen to it until about a week ago – I think the length of the recordings scared me a little. BUT! Once I listened to the first episode I got a little addicted and binge-listened to all three in one day. Three episodes is all there is right now, but she uploads one every month, so we should get a new one soon.

The podcast is obviously about books. Jen interviews some great authors and talks about her favourite reads, and it’s just fantastic to listen to while you’re doing something else, kind of like listening to music – you don’t have to watch or do anything with your hands, you just have to listen.

In the first episode she talks to Claire Fuller, the author of Our Endless Numbered Days, and her friend Leena, who makes wonderful videos over at Justkissmyfrog. In episode number 2 she interviews Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Mike Mackmin, who is the founder of Jen’s favourite poetry magazine, The Rialto. Lastly, in episode 3 she talks to Janet Ellis, who wrote The Butcher’s Hook, and Holly Burrows, a woman who works at an art gallery and had an exhibition featuring female comic artists.

You can listen to all three episodes for free on Youtube – Jen has a playlist just for her podcast, which you can check out here. If you want to listen to it when you’re out and about, you can also download the recordings here – you’ll have to pay though.

I personally can’t wait for the next episode and I’m super excited to find out who the guests are. I hope I could get you interested in this podcast and that you’ll check it out.


‘Till next time and happy reading!



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