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I still haven’t finished reading The Wise Man’s Fear (only 400 pages to go!) so I really can’t post anything except for tags. I saw this one over at BlackCatKai‘s and really liked it, so let’s give it a go, shall we?


How long have you been a blogger?

This is difficult to answer, because it depends on what you consider blogging. I have had so many blogs in my life that I’ve lost count. I’ve given up on so many projects. I’ve had a Tumblr since 2013, so does that count? I have no idea.

I started this little blog here on March 29, so it’s been almost three weeks! Not a very long time, but I’ve had blogs that have lasted no more than two days. So it’s something.



At what point do you think you will stop?

Probably when my life gets too busy or I get bored of blogging. I don’t see that coming, but who knows?


What is the best thing?

I’m gonna assume this means the best thing about blogging (otherwise books, the internet, silence and dogs). The best thing about blogging is probably the freedom – I mean, I can say whatever I want. There are no limits, no rules. I could just hfjfhdksgdjsah


What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

Probably the pressure that comes with having a book blog. Am I posting too many tags? Is this review any good? Are the books I’m reading as good as I think they are? Am I being pretentious?

I don’t really do anything about it. I am the kind of annoying person who just waits for things to be okay and kind of accepts everything as it is. If I manage to be a loser as a blogger as well as in real life, so be it.



How long does it take to find/create pictures to use?

They’re usually really easy to find. If it’s a book cover I just google it, and if it’s a gif I most likely have it on my computer. I’ve collected lots of gifs over the last few years I spent on Tumblr, and I am a very organised person, so they’re all neatly separated into folders based on what kind of reaction they could be used for.


Who’s your book crush?

Haha let me think. There’s Scapa from Nijura (a German fantasy novel), Jasper from the Twilight books (I love that guy), and then I’m in kind of love with Luna, Fred and Sirius from the Harry Potter books at the same time (I can’t and won’t decide).

I usually don’t tend to have crushes on book characters – that happens much more with TV shows. Probably because in books you can’t really see the characters and I’m a superficial piece of shit.


What author would you like to have on your blog?

Patrick Rothfuss, 100%. He’s the author of The Name of the Wind and if you don’t follow him on Twitter you probably don’t know this, but he’s HILARIOUS. He’s hella smart and really funny. So I don’t really care if it’s for an interview or a guest post or whatever, I would love to have him on my blog.


What do you wear when you write your blog?

Mind your own business, you creep!



How long does it take you to prepare?

Oh, that definitely depends on the post. Reviews are usually very quick to write for me, because I take notes right after I’ve finished the book, so I just have to look at those and write the review. Tags might take a little longer if they require pictures. I think the post that took me the longest to write was the overview of my favourite Booktubers. I had to link to everyone’s channel, find acceptable pictures, and come up with a good description of everyone.


How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

It’s so lovely! I’ve only been a part of this place for (almost) three weeks, but I was extremely lucky from the start. Everyone I’ve talked to so far has been nothing but welcoming – so many people have left comments on my posts and followed my blog, it’s honestly incredible. I still have to check sometimes to see if it’s real haha. I always think it sounds so cheesy when people say they love their readers, but I kind of do. The interaction in the comments always makes my day!



What do you think one should do to have a successful blog?

I think it would be weird for such a new blogger to give advice on that. But I think the rules are kind of universal – do what you do because you enjoy it, and be a part of the community. (Also, people who only talk to others to promote their blog are usually quite easy to spot. Just saying.)


Instead of tagging my usual favourite people I’m gonna tag Austin @ Bitterbibliophile, because she’s new here and new bloggers always need a bit of love!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



11 thoughts on “Tag: Secret Life of a Book Blogger

    1. Yes, Dean! ❤ Although I'm more of a Sam girl. 🙂
      I just realised that this might be a little difficult to do for you … will you be able to answer everything? Since you're so new I mean. If you can't answer everything you can always save the tag for another day. x


    1. Haha glad I made you laugh. 😀
      Whaaaat since March? Your blog has such an ‘old’ feeling to it. Like, the way you post things feels like you’ve been doing it for a very long time. I would have never guessed!


          1. Haha! It’s unfortunately not that interesting. I made the blog when I was trying to get into reviewing and I wanted to request Netgalley books, but then due to a lot of real life issues I somehow ended up in a reading slump that lasted almost a year. I finally broke it by reading Illuminae in February. I felt really, really inspired and I just went with it and decided to start using the blog properly and everything’s worked out great since, so [fingers crossed] it stays that way, haha.

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