Bookdepository Haul | April 2016

I’ve decided to split the books I bought this month into three separate hauls. The main reason for that is that it’s too much otherwise. I bought a total of 23 books in the month of April. I don’t even know how.

I’ve already posted my first haul over here. It’s a total of six books, which I bought at a charity fair kind of thing. This haul, on the other hand, is another six books, all from the online book buying site Bookdepository.



Percy Jackson (books 3, 4 and 5) by Rick Riordan


I finally managed to pick up the last books in the Percy Jackson series! I finished these books a long time ago, but I am re-reading them in English, as at the time I read them in German. I’m currently still reading The Wise Man’s Fear (I am SO close to finishing it), so after that huge epic fantasy ride I’ll need some light-hearted and fun books. Percy is perfect for that.

The only thing that bothers me is that they changed the covers of the books right after I picked up the first one. So now all the books match EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE. Why does this always happen to me?


Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest


This is a wonderful poetry collection that I already read and did a full review of here. I absolutely loved it.


Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan


I read Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods last year and ADORED it. It was one of my favourite reads of the year, which is kind of unusual for a non-fiction book. So obviously I had to pick up this one as well. You have no idea how excited I am to get into this.


A Little Gay History by R. B. Parkinson


I really wanted to find a bigger picture of the book but it seems impossible, so let’s just ignore that, shall we? This is a non-fiction book about gay history – I think the title makes that pretty clear. I already own a very dense and big LGBT history book, so I wanted something short and sweet, possibly with lots of pictures. And this is exactly what I wanted!

(I tried to take pictures of the inside of the book but to take a nice photo I would have had to damage the spine and the book is way too pretty for that. So no pictures, sorry!)


These are all the books I ordered from Bookdepository! The next haul will be ordersΒ from AbeBooks – a total of 11 books. So look forward to that one!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



10 thoughts on “Bookdepository Haul | April 2016

  1. I like the cover of Hold Your Own. I saw it on your other post on beautiful covers and would probably pick it based on that πŸ™‚ 23 books is a lot. I have bought 8 so far and I thought it was too many.We can never have enough books though. Never read a Percy Jackson. Enjoy the books though.

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  2. I can’t even remember how many books I’ve bought so far this month, so don’t worry you’re not alone πŸ˜‚ This is a FANTASTIC haul because PERCY!!!!! Also, my first book doesn’t match the other covers either! I’ve been tempted to replace it, but ehh haha. Maybe one day.

    The poetry and gay history collections sound really interesting too. I’ll definitely have to check them out πŸ™‚

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    1. We all have a major problem here!
      Yay Percy! ❀ Haha yeah, maybe one day … which really means never. πŸ˜€
      Glad you find them interesting! I'll definitely review the gay history book once I've read it – it seems worth a review. πŸ™‚

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  3. I completely know what you mean, I have brought so many books this month that I think it’s honestly become a problem. I need to put myself on a book buying ban because I way overspent recently.
    But you got some amazing books! I need to read the Percy Jackson series because everyone has recommended it to me and it sounds amazing. It sucks they changed the covers, I hate it when that happens, I have a series which has about three different covers because they keep changing them halfway through.

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    1. Hahaha well, in my defense I hadn’t bought any books since December. So technically I was allowed to buy so much. πŸ˜€ I will now hold back until my TBR is back to under 5 books.
      Hah yes! It’s so annoying. I have the five Spiderwick books for example, and they all match except the third one – so it looks REALLY strange when they’re all next to each other.

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      1. Ahh so this could be a two month book haul then πŸ™‚ if I held back until my TBR list was under five books I’d never be able to buy anything new!
        I don’t like it, part of me thinks if they do change the covers they should release the old ones as well just so people can complete the collection they have!

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        1. Well I always see people saying that there are books they’ve had on their shelves for YEARS without reading them, and that just sounds so sad to me. So I don’t buy any books unless I think I’m gonna run out of them soon. πŸ™‚

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          1. I don’t have any books like that on my list, I just tend to buy them really early and then read them a month or so later. Plus I read a lot anyway so I buy a lot to keep up with that!
            That’s a good habit to have though, only buying books if your gonna run out soon, I should probably start doing something like that.

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