Book Sacrifice Tag

I was tagged by the lovely BookshelvesAndBiros, but unfortunately I have no idea where this tag started (that is really becoming a problem on this blog).


An over-hyped book

Situation: You’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies’ only weakness. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you disliked do you start chucking at the zombies?


Looking for Alaska by John Green

I’m not a big John Green fan in general, but Looking for Alaska really did it for me. That book annoyed me SO MUCH. The characters think they’re super special and the book just tries way too hard to be quirky. The other John Green books are okay, some I even liked, but this one … no. Just no.


A sequel

Situation: Torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?


The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone by Holly Black

Now, I love the Spiderwick Chronicles. The world is amazing and the idea is really creative. But the writing … ugh. The story is told across five books when it could have been easily told in one. Each book is so short it hurts. The whole format was just really not my thing.


A classic

Situation: You’re in English class and your professor raves about a Classic that “transcends time”. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, which Classic would you try to stop from ever publishing?


The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes by Anonymous

I don’t like the idea of changing the past (it makes me more uncomfortable than it should), so I would never stop any book from being published. But I honestly hate this book with all of my heart. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever had to read. It’s this Spanish story from 1554 that follows this boy throughout his life. It’s really short and I still couldn’t finish it, even though I had to read it for school. If you ever want to torture me, put the audiobook on repeat or something.


A least favourite book

Situation: Apparently global warming = suddenly frozen wasteland. Your only hope of survival for warmth is to burn a book. Which book will you not regret lighting?


Wes & Toren by J. M. Colail

This category is so random. All of these books are least favourite ones. But I’m just gonna go with Wes & Toren, because of how much it disappointed me. This is the first gay romance novel I ever read, and man, this was BAD. It reads like fanfiction, and not the good kind. The characters are the worst and their choices don’t make any sense. Just thinking about this makes me cringe. There are lots of good LGBT books out there – don’t fall for the ones with trashy covers.


Well, that’s it. I just realised how short this tag is. I don’t think my answers are that controversial, but if you’ve read any of these books, please let me know.

I’m gonna tag The SFF Bookshelf because I wanted to in my last tag but I completely forgot. I hope you haven’t done this yet!


‘Till next time and happy reading!



7 thoughts on “Book Sacrifice Tag

  1. Haha, I’m also not a huge fan of John Green’s books – I find that the whole ‘characters think they’re super special’ thing isn’t only specific to Looking for Alaska but pretty much all of his books, though. Some I’m OK with and even enjoy, but others not so much, unfortunately. :/

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  2. Thank-you so much for the tag, I haven’t done this tag yet! 😀

    And I understand your relationship with John Green books. They receive so much hype and everyone talks about them, it actually makes me not want to pick them up. I think I may have read one, and that was a very long time ago.

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