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The 100: 5 reasons why you should watch it

The 100 is one of my absolute favourite shows. It is fairly new, currently in its third season, and in such little time it has accomplished what most TV shows fail to do: win a special place in my heart. So here are 5 reasons why you definitely watch The 100!



1. The plot is amazing. This show is, without a doubt, the best sci-fi out there. The world was ruined 97 years before the beginning of the show, after a nuclear war wiped out most of the human race. The few survivors, under 3000 people, live on a space ship named The Ark. Now, it is believed that the Earth might have recovered, and so the people on The Ark decide to send down 100 young offenders to test this, as these teenagers are criminals and so even if they fail, it won’t be a great loss.

These teenagers have to survive on Earth and face many challenges, all of which are incredibly interesting and creatively written. There is not a single boring moment in this show, and apart from all the obstacles nature presents, there are fights and misunderstandings and all the other things that are an essential part of being human.


2. Great characters. All of the characters in this show are fantastic. They are well-written and interesting, they’re all (very) flawed, they all make mistakes – but in the end they are all fighting for the same thing: survival. I especially want to mention the female characters, because they’re all kick-ass.

There’s Clarke, the brave leader who does everything to save her people.

giphy (3)

There’s Octavia, possibly the most bad-ass girl to ever be on TV. Her character development is so amazing I don’t even have words.


And there’s Raven, who has been through so much yet still keeps fighting, and who is the youngest mechanic on The Ark in 52 years.


Of course, the male characters are awesome as well.

We have Bellamy, perhaps one of the most connflicted characters of the show. He always tries to do the right thing, but he often doesn’t know what that is.


And we have Murphy, who is a terrible person but who I will defend no matter what because he is my trash baby and my problematic fave.


There are lots of other great characters but I won’t name them, because describing them would be kind of spoilery. These five should be enough – they are fanastic characters. And also LOOK AT HOW HOT THEY ALL ARE.


3. The diversity. It’s not that clear from the characters above, but the show is quite diverse. There are lots of people of colour and some LGBT characters as well. I don’t wanna name them because, again, describing a lot of these characters can result in spoilers, and I wanna avoid that. Just look at this picture and see for yourself.

THE 100 CHARACTERS_zpsh8lb5gap

What I love especially about the show is that the diversity of these characters is not a big deal. Because it’s set so far in the future, no one really cares if you’re black or gay or whatever. It’s refreshing. (Also, keep in mind that the characters above are not the only ones – that is a very small overview, and there are lots of new faces in the later seasons.)


4. Low commitment. Not a great reason, I know. But just think about it. There are lots of great shows out there – most of my favourites have over 5 seasons and it can take weeks to binge-watch them (believe me, I’ve been there). So the fact that this is a wonderful show AND that it’s quick to get through is a pretty good reason to watch it.


5. The feels. Oh, there are a lot of them. Your favourite character WILL die. Everyone always says that Game of Thrones is the master of killing characters, but The 100 is doing a pretty good job too. I don’t even know how many people have died since the first episode.

You’re probably thinking, how is this a good reason to watch? Well, maybe for you it’s not. Maybe you prefer a show where your favourite characters all survive. But I love suffering when I watch TV shows or read books. It makes the experience so much better. This may sound weird, but if you like tragic deaths, this show is for you.





Lots of crying people.


These are my 5 top reasons why you should totally watch The 100. I know this is a book blog, so this post is kind of out of place, but I just love this show way too much to ignore it. If you guys like these “reasons you should watch” posts, please let me know! I have lots of favourite shows and writing this was a lot of fun.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



15 thoughts on “The 100: 5 reasons why you should watch it

  1. I was so obsessed with this show back in season 1 and 2 I watched both seasons in 2 days 😂 I loved all the characters so much! I wasn’t enjoying season 3 as much though and I’m like super behind because I’m in a TV slump, but I might try and binge watch it soon-ish.

    I’d be interested in seeing more posts like this 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have got to start watching this show. It’s something that’s been on my to-watch list for ages but that I just haven’t gotten around yet! I’m wondering if I should try and read the books first though 😀
    I’ve heard great things about the series though, one of my friends literally raves about it, so I do need to start it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve thought about reading the books but I’m not sure I want to. I think they will probably disappoint me, now that I’ve seen the show. I can’t imagine the books being better.
      Yes please do watch it! And if you do, keep me updated! I’d love to know what you think. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I kind of like to read the books before starting the TV series. I’ve done it with everything so far; Game of Thrones, Shadowhunters. It’s like a tradition of mine so I think I’ll have to do it with The 100 too!
        But I definitely will let you know what I think when I start watching is show!

        Liked by 1 person


    Honestly, it is brilliant. My favourite characters are Jasper, Murphy and Raven. But even as I say that I also need to mention Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, Clarke, etc. etc. ARGH! There are so many amazing characters on this series.

    Absolutely love this post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yay! I’m seeing so many fans of the show here, it’s making me super happy. 🙂
      My favourite characters are actually Kane, Murphy, Octavia and Raven. I don’t really like Clarke to be honest haha. 😀


  4. Great list! I AM OBSESSED with The 100, so it’s definitely nice to see other people love it too as it deserves all the love it can get 🙂 And yes, these characters are all just so wonderfully complex and badass and amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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