5 Reasons Why

How to get away with Murder: 5 reasons why you should watch it

Last week I wrote a post called The 100: 5 reasons why you should watch it, and I decided that I want to turn this into a series. So now this is going to be a Monday thing! I’m calling the series 5 Reasons Why, and it’s gonna include TV shows mainly, but also movies, books and possibly other things as well. If you guys have any requests for a post in the series, please do tell me.

(In other news, my computer died this morning, so I’m typing this on my mom’s laptop. The keyboard is weird and I can’t get to my reaction gifs. This sucks.)



1. The plot. This is the most basic and most important reason. The show fallows a group of law students and their professor, but what starts as just a university course ends with a murder case and lots of dark secrets. IT’S SO GOOD.


2. The chartacters. They’re seriously amazing and all incredibly well-written and different from each other.

We have Wes, who’s charming and smart without ever being arrogant. He’s one of the few poor students, and he’s very hard-working.


Then we have Connor, my personal favourite. He’s confident and knows that he can have anything he wants – and he’s also hella gay, which is always a plus.


We also have Asher, who I personally can’t stand. He’s arrogant and entitled and just really annoying, but he does have some funny lines.


We have Laurel, who is just a total sweetheart. She’s quiet and sensitive and wants to study law to help people in need, not to make big money. While most of her classmates don’t notice or just directly underestimate her, Laurel is incredibly talented and also a little dark.


Then we have Michaela, who is so ambitious that she would do anything to be her professor’s fave. She wants everything to be perfect in her life, and she’s basically a really annoying version of Hermione.


And, last but not least, the great professor herself: Annalise! She is such a layered, fascinating character, incredibly flawed and just wonderful to follow throughout the show. Her students all look up to her and want to be her, and she’s the perfect example of a successful woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone.



3. The amazing cast. You’ve probably recognised some people above, but if you haven’t, let me tell you how great these actors are. Wes is played by Alfred Enoch, whoΒ played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies! That obviously wasn’t a big role, so we never got to really see his talent shine, but damn he’s good! Annalise is portrayed by Viola Davis. YES VIOLA DAVIS. And Asher is played by Matt McGorry, who also starred in Orange is the New Black as John Bennett. SUCH A GREAT CAST.


4. The diversity. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, but I think it’s worth mentioning as a separate reason. LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Usually the main cast has one token minority – here we have three people of colour! THREE. I mean, I think that’s quite wonderful. Also, a gay character who even gets a boyfriend? Yes please.


5. The atmosphere. This reason is more subtle, which is why I’ve decided to mention it last. It’s difficult to describe if you haven’t actually seen the show, but I’m gonna try. The way everything is shot and the story is told has a sort of dark, elegant vibe – it makes the whole show feel even more mysterious and gives you almost a cold feeling. You may know what I mean if you’ve read The Secret History or seen the movie Dead Poets Society. Or even if you’ve watched Twilight! You know how in the Twilight movies, especially the first one, everything feels rainy and cold and perfectly reflects the town of Forks and the vampires who live there? It’s kind of like that. I love that sort of vibe – it’s possibly my favourite thing about the show, and something that immediately makes me love a story, no matter what it’s about.


So there you have 5 reasons why you should watch How to get away with Murder! Making these posts is honestly so much fun.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



17 thoughts on “How to get away with Murder: 5 reasons why you should watch it

  1. Ahh I was super obsessed with this show and then they killed my favourite character and I hold serious grudges when that happens and haven’t watched it since πŸ™ˆ You brought up some really amazing points though! I’m just annoyingly stubborn, haha. If I can bring myself to get over it though I might try and continue it!

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        1. I’m sorry they killed off your fave haha. I personally wasn’t a big fan of them (I’m gonna keep the pronouns neutral just in case someone stumbles over this comment and finds it spoilery). But they were quite a lovely character so I get why you would stop watching. x

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  2. I’ve seen so much of this show on Tumblr that I feel like I already know all about it without even seeing an episode, I already ship Connor and Oliver. It’s another that’s on my to-watch list like The 100, I have tons of shows on my to-watch list and unlike reading I’m really bad about getting around to them all. I really hope to be able to get around to this one soon though because honestly it looks (and sounds from your post) so amazing!

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      1. Let me guess with Supernatural; Dean and Cas right?! I think I was the same, low-key shipping them before reaching season four of the show!
        I’ll probably binge-watch all three seasons when I do start it. I need to catch up on Supernatural first but once that’s done I may start one of the new shows I need to watch! Probably HTGAWM now πŸ™‚

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  3. I love this show. Yas, Yas, Yas!

    I do appreciate the diversity of the cast, but what surprised me most was Laurel. I forget, but I think her family is Cuban in the show?
    Anyway, the actress was born in Mexico. She’s a Mexican actress! There are a few scenes when you hear her speak Spanish and her accent is PERFECT. I was shocked. Usually when characters in shows speak Spanish, they have a very clear accent of nonative speakers. But Laurel’s was flawless.
    There is such a thing as white Latinos, especially in South American in places like Brazil and Argentina, but also in Mexico. It’s a very fascinating and complex identity.

    Woah, I got off track.
    I need to catch up on the second half of season 2. I’m so behind. Thank you for remind me how awesome this show is.

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  4. This show is absolutely incredible. I do have to admit that I absolutely love Asher, even though he is horrible and annoying, haha. I look forward to seeing the rest of your posts in this weekly series! πŸ™‚

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