Discussion: What do books mean to you?

The other day, the lovely Booktuber Tilly uploaded a video that insipired me to start a little discussion.

In this video she shares her story. How she started reading and how books have helped her through a really difficult time. You should definitely watch the video, it’s moving and positive and just wonderful.

So then I thought: why not share our own stories? I personally don’t have anything interesting to share – I’ve always liked books and started actively reading a lot after I fell in love with Percy Jackson and Twilight. Not that great of a story, I know.

But I’m sure you guys have lots of great stories, and I would love to hear them. So either make your own post (and don’t forget to tell me if you do!), or tell me in the comments what books mean to you.


‘Till next time and happy reading!



15 thoughts on “Discussion: What do books mean to you?

  1. Books are everything! I love reading books to the point that I rather be reading than interacting with people in real life. I’m a very interverted person and I love my alone time with a good book. I tend to get really emotional and protective with my books and my favorite fictional characters. This may sound weird but I often dream about the book that I am currently reading, I think that says a lot on what books mean to me (I love books even in my sleep!!!) BASICALLY, BOOKS ARE LIFE. 💙💙💙😍😍😍

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  2. In a nutshell, books are life 🙂 They got me through a lot of tough times in life, and I looked to many characters as role models. I think I’d be a completely different person if I didn’t read at all…

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  3. Reading is very special to me because I was born and raised in a communist country (Romania, during the 1980s) where many books were banned. Still, my parents got a lot of stuff on the ‘black market’… and what doesn’t a kid love more than something that is ‘forbidden’, or more than sharing a ‘secret’ with one’s parents? .. Because of this, books acquired a very mystical aura for me from early on.

    Now, in the US for a long while (1992), I still seek escape through books 🙂

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  4. Books remind me of my mom who is the reason I love reading so much. She still reads a few books a week, and even though she doesn’t read YA, every once in a while we read the same book and it gives us something fun to talk about. We both raved over Gone Girl, then watched the movie. That was fun. I love books! Anytime I need to decompress or take a break they’re always there for me. 😉

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  5. I loved that video of Tilly’s so much!

    I’ve only recently got back into reading and I’m so glad I did because it’s been helping me with my anxiety so much. It’s so good to just be able to escape from the thoughts in my head for a little while. It’s great when I’m reading something I can relate to because it really helps motivate and inspire me.

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  6. I don’t know if my story is particularly interesting but the thing is, for years I HATED reading. I was one of these kids I now find a bit silly who said that bookworms were stupid. Now I realise that it was probably due to the fact that my parents never put me into a habit of reading (before bed etc) and that I didn’t enjoy the books I had to read for school… Until I read “Un Secret” by Philippe Grimbert when I was 14! I never thought I’d end up making literature such a central part of my life though.

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