A teeny bit of writing advice: gay kings and queens

This is a very unusual post for me. I do consider myself a writer, but my “writing” mostly consists of planning stories that I never actually write.

Nonetheless, I found this post on Tumblr last week and was quite impressed – I think it could be useful for fantasy writers who want to include LGBT+ characters in their story.

Basically, it’s all about ranks. If you have a king in your country and he happens to be married to a man, you have to decide what rank his husband has. The author of that post talks about how, in the real world at least, the husband would not be another king, because there cannot be two kings. The title “king” indicates that this person has a specific kind of power and a unique rank, so his husband can’t be another king. That would make the politics of the country extremely complicated.

Of course, it’s your story in the end, so you can come up with whatever political system you want. However, if you want things to be less complicated, perhaps reconsider your two kings, and instead make them king and prince, or – as the author suggests – king and king-consort.

I’m just summing up what the author said here, so I really recommend reading his post. It’s not long, so it won’t take much of your time, and I think it’s really interesting.


I’ve been feeling kind of lazy lately, writing lots of short posts. But oh well. I hope you found this helpful!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



11 thoughts on “A teeny bit of writing advice: gay kings and queens

  1. I saw this post on Tumblr too and thought it was so interesting. I’d never given a thought to how the rankings would have to be different, though it makes complete sense. It’s definitely something I’m going to have to keep in mind going forward!

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  2. Oh, this is an interesting post. This is something that I have never actually considered this, but I’ll definitely be considering it when I’m writing. Thank-you! 🙂

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      1. I think if I went the Prince or Duke way I’d make sure to explain it “King so-so’s husband the Prince” just so they don’t think it was his son.
        I’ve never read fantasy with a gay King before, I wish more LGBT characters made it into fantasy and sci-fi

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