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Queer as Folk: 5 reasons why you should watch it

This is the fourth post in my 5 reasons why series, and today I am going to share 5 reasons why you should watch the amazing US version of the TV show Queer as Folk.


Queer as Folk follows a group of gay men and women as they deal with day-to-day struggles, make mistakes, and learn from them. It is completely fictional and NOT reality TV.


1. The characters are beyond fantastic. There are lots of TV shows out there that have bad gay representation, with nothing but stereotypical “gay best friend” characters. This show has it all and deserves all the awards for its amazing representation.

There’s Brian, who’s an asshole and a terrible person and who’s my problematic fave and possibly the fictional love of my life. He treats everyone, including his friends, like total crap, he’s selfish and he has SO many issues. Also he’s super hot. I love the guy.

giphy (4).gif

There’s Michael, who’s kind of the main character. I personally don’t really like him because he’s whiny and just not my kind of person, but ultimately he’s very kind and definitely an interesting character.


Then there’s Emmett, who is the more stereotypical gay guy. He is quite feminine and camp, and he is such a sweetheart. Definitely one of my favourites from the show.


There’s also Ted, who is my least favourite. He is kind of the loser of the group; he works in an office and watches porn all day and he loves maths and is seen as just really boring by most people. I feel kind of mean saying it, but I agree with those people – he’s pretty boring. Not boring as a character (he goes through a lot of interesting crap throughout the show) but boring as a person to be around.


Then we have Justin, who is the the young, pretty love interest who starts off as an annoying brat and grows into a very likable character. I personally really, really love Justin, he is such a lovely character.


We also have Ben, who is a bit older than the others and who is absolutely wonderful and charming. I remember really caring about him throughout the show, even though he is a later addition and we don’t get to meet him until season two.


Now the ladies! There’s Lindsay, who is wonderful and possibly the only person Brian treats alright. She’s a total sweetheart.

QAF 101 Thread Lindsay Peterson_zpszdubhtmc.gif

And Melanie, who is bad-ass and always says exactly what she thinks. She and Brian don’t get along at all, so there’s lots of fights between them, which I always found quite enjoyable for some reason.


And – last but certainly not least – Debbie! She’s Michael’s mom and the most wonderful person ever. She’s an activist and supportive of her son and his friends, and she always says exactly what she thinks, never holding back an opinion. She definitely has some of the best lines in the show.



2. It deals with a lot of important issues. There are characters with HIV, characters who doubt their sexuality, characters who are homeless, characters with addiction problems, characters who haven’t talked to their families in years – you name it. What I especially love about this show is how it handles these delicate subjects. It doesn’t sugarcoat them and it doesn’t make them into something tragic that is just there for shock value. It shows things exactly the way they are – when a character has HIV, there are good days and bad days, and the show is completely honest about that.


3. The cute-ass couples. Seriously, the couples in this show are SO DAMN CUTE. There are a few I’m not gonna talk about because they develop later in the show and I don’t wanna spoil them for you, but a few are very clear from the start.

Melanie and Lindsay are the only lesbian couple of the show, and they are so realistic it kind of hurts. They fight a lot, but always in a very beliavable way, and while they have their ups and downs you know that ultimately they love each other.


And of course, I’m always a slut for Brian and Justin. Those two kill me. I still feel emotional just thinking about them.



4. The soundtrack. I’m serious, the music in this show is fantastic. Now, I heard that the soundtrack was changed recently when the show was put on some kind of streaming website (I don’t remember if it was Netflix or another one), but the original songs were so damn good. I have a lot of the music on my phone and whenever I put it on shuffle and a Queer as Folk song comes on, I listen to it. It’s kind of a rule for me.

There are lots of disco songs from the 90s, as this show is from the year 2000 and a lot of scenes are set in gay clubs with lots of dancing (and quite a lot of naked people). There are also some slower, more romantic songs, and the whole soundtrack is just brilliant.

Here are some of my favourite songs from the show.


5. It’s the best freaking show in the world. So many shows have terrible writing choices that completely ruin everything, but this show doesn’t. Everything is perfect, every single line of dialogue is wonderful and well-written, and even the last episode is fantastic (although heartbreaking). I also want to mention how revolutionary and brave this show was, considering its time. I mean, it started in the year 2000. A show like this would still be controversial now, imagine how it was perceived back then. It’s kind of a miracle that it managed to stay until the end, for five whole seasons. If it were a gentle, family-friendly show about gay people, it probably wouldn’t be so amazing, but the there are sex scenes, there’s violence, there’s illness, there are drugs, there are lots of terrible people – all of this makes the show incredibly real and at times even difficult to watch, and I can’t get over how amazing it is that this is 16 years old. Like holy shit.


I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I freaking love this show. I know it can be a bit intimidating to start – it’s older, it has five seasons, it’s heartbreaking, it’s intense. But it’s SO worth it. And it definitely makes you want to binge-watch it from the first episode. I watched it I think about three years ago, and I couldn’t stop. When it was over I cried myself to sleep and couldn’t function for two days. Worst TV show hangover of my life.

I hope I could interest you in watching this incredible show. And if you’ve already seen it, please tell me how much you love it in the comments – I don’t know anyone who’s watched it and everytime someone says they like the show it makes my day. (I also just got really nostalgic writing this post so I would really love to talk about it.)


‘Till next time and happy reading!



6 thoughts on “Queer as Folk: 5 reasons why you should watch it

  1. I think Melanie and Lindsay are my favorite lesbian couple ever in the history of TV. The L Word also had some good couples, but L&M are special.

    Yes, this show is amazing and everyone should watch it. I won’t deny that the sex scenes influence my opinion of this show immensely, lmao. But despite how raunchy it is, QaF is so honest and raw. I haven’t seen a better show centered around gay men’s lives, tbh.

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  2. Queer as folk is the best Gay &
    Lesbian series. I am fond of Brian and Justin. The songs are really top notch, it adds up the spice to ultimate hotness.
    Many lesbians prefer L Word but Q A F is the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I heard about the show in 2016( To be honest) but couldn’t watch it that year. And it all started when a friend of mine told about the show and there it is. Watching the show like there is no tomorrow. Totally hooked on to it. But now I am afraid to watch thinking what would happen next in season 2 . Brian and Justin are and will be my fav characters .

    Liked by 1 person

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