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Orphan Black: 5 reasons why you should watch it

Orphan Black is an amazing TV show about Sarah Manning, a woman who finds out that there are other women out there who look just like her – they are all clones, and someone is trying to kill them. Today I will be sharing 5 reasons why you should definitely watch this fantastic show.



1. The fantastic plot. The show is full of plot-twists. You think you know what’s going on, who the bad guy is, and then suddenly the world is turned upside down and you have no idea what just happened! There are secrets behind other secrets, and even though stuff keeps happening it never feels forced or like a recycled plot – every idea the writers have seems to fit perfectly into the world and adds to the show in amazing ways. I’ve loved every single twist so far, and I can’t wait for more.


2. The acting. Because the main characters are clones, they all look the same, so they are played by the same actress. When I started watching the show I couldn’t believe Tatiana Maslany was playing ALL of those characters, but it’s her, always. That girl is so talented, every character feels like a completely different person, even though they all have the same face. INCREDIBLE.


3. The characters. Introducing the different faces of Titana Maslany!

Sarah Manning, the main character. She has had quite a wild life, which led to her having a baby. She would do anything to protect her daughter, and she’s honestly bad-ass. She also has a British accent, which is always a plus. She’s my favourite of the clones.


Cosima Niehaus, the sweetest of all sweethearts. She’s a Ph.D student in biology and she is super smart. A wonderful person who always knows what’s going on, she’s incredibly important to the group as the one who can find out what the science behind cloning is. She’s also very cheeky, which is something I always love, and she’s a lesbian, which is the reason a lot of people started watching the show in the first place.


Alison Hendrix, house-wife and soccer mom. She seems like a typical suburban mom at first, but she’s actually incredibly bad-ass and also a little bit crazy. She definitely does some messed up stuff throughout the show.


Beth Childs, a police officer who kills herself the night that Sarah comes back. This event is what sets off the rest of the story, and thoughout the show we get lots of flashbacks to Beth’s life. She’s quite a tragic character.


There are many, many more, but they’re all spoiler-y, so I’m not gonna mention them. Just imagine Tatiana’s beautiful face with lots of different hairstyles and types of make-up. Now onto the rest of the characters, who are not played by the same actress.

Felix Dawkins, Sarah’s foster brother. He is hands down my favourite character. At first he seems like the stereotypical gay guy, but he is such a wonderful, layered character, who is much more than just Sarah’s sidekick. I love him to bits.


Delphine Cormier, a French scientist who is totally gay for Cosima. She’s a lot of people’s favourite character, but I personally don’t like her that much.


Paul Dierden, Beth’s boyfriend. He’s mysterious and everyone seems to think he’s up to something, though no one knows what exactly. I don’t like him.


Siobhan Sadler, Sarah and Felix’ foster mom. She seems like a normal British lady at first, but she’s actually super smart and bad-ass. I really like her. (She also looks a lot like J. K. Rowling which still freaks me out.)


Arthur Bell, a police officer who worked with Beth when she was still alive. He’s quite an interesting character, who defends Beth no matter what. (I can’t find a good gif for this guy, so I’m gonna use a picture instead.)



4. The science. I don’t understand most of the sciency stuff that’s discussed in the show, but I still love listening to it. Since Cosima is a biology student, she studies the DNA of the clones a lot, trying to find answers to lots of different questions. I love watching her work in the lab, examining cells and blood samples. It’s so fascinating and gives the show a very real feeling.


5. It’s on Netflix. Not the best reason, but still a good one. I hate having to look to TV shows on the internet, trying to find links that work, and I always feel bad about it. So if you have Netflix, you can watch it there! The show is also partially owned by Netflix, so the new seasons are uploaded quickly, and in some countries (like the lucky UK), each new episode is uploaded right after it airs on TV.


Those are my main 5 reasons why you should watch Orphan Black! If you’re a fan, I’d love to talk about the show in the comments below – and if I managed to convince you to start watching it, I hope you love it!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



17 thoughts on “Orphan Black: 5 reasons why you should watch it

  1. Another show on my to-watch list! πŸ™‚ I really need to start making a dent in this list before it’s as long as my to-read list (which I think is up to a couple of hundred books at the moment)
    This seems like a great show, and one of my friends is constantly raving about it so I really need to check it out! πŸ˜€

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      1. I just thought that they were all over the place, and it seemed like they weren’t quite sure where they were going with the storylines. But they pulled it together in the end, so I guess it worked out. Maybe I just find that because I tend to be critical of second seasons if the first was amazing. πŸ˜›

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  2. I love this show so much and I agree with every reason you mentioned! Titana Maslany does an amazing job playing all the different characters. I’m super jealous of the fact that the UK gets to see each new episode the day after it airs. It’s not on Netflix in the US, so I’m watching it on Amazon Prime video (which there’s nothing wrong with).

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  3. This was another show I loved, but just stopped watching πŸ˜… I should catch up, but I just don’t have any desire to watch TV atm :/ Tatiana is AMAZING though. I always forget that she wasn’t actually different people. Alison was always my favourite when I was watching it!

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