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Monthly favourites | May 2016

Another new thing on my blog! I wanna share my general monthly favourites with you guys, starting now!

Today I have two movies, a podcast, three TV shows, a book and three songs for you.



Twilight // I love the Twilight movies, especially the first one. Something that is always incredibly important to me in movies and TV shows is the colour palette and the lighting, and the first Twilight movie did both SO well. The movie looks absolutely incredible, it’s just so aesthetically pleasing, and I can’t get enough of it, which is why I re-watch it all the time.


Captain America: Civil War // I’m usually not the biggest superhero-movie fan, but this one blew my mind. I love well-developed characters in action movies (they are inctedibly rare), and I think the writers did a fantastic job with the plot. I could relate to both sides of the conflict and was honestly quite torn throughout the whole movie, trying to decide who I agreed with.




Witch, Please // This is a Harry Potter themed podcast in which two lady scholars discuss the books, the movies, and all other kinds of adaptations. Their conversations are both fascinating, with lots of talk about adaptation theory and social justice, and entertaining (they are hilarious and just delightful to listen to). I haven’t listened to all of the episodes yet, but I believe they released the last one a few days ago.



TV shows

Grace and Frankie // I had already watched the first season a few months ago, and I didn’t even know the second season was coming out, until it was suddenly on the Netflix front page. So of course I had to watch it! This TV show follows two women (around 60 years old I believe) who are left by their husbands because the two men love each other. They are suddenly old and alone, so they move in together, and because they are pretty much opposites, they fight all the time and kind of hate each other – but soon they grow fond of the other’s company and become actual friends, which is an adorable and entertaining process to watch.


Orphan Black // This show is so amazing that it replaced The 100 as my second-favourite TV show of all time (we all know Queer as Folk will always be number 1). It’s about Sarah Manning, a woman who discovers that there are lots of other women out there who look just like her, and that they are all the result of a strange cloning experiment. Now someone is trying to kill them, and they have to find out why. It’s fast-paced and incredibly well-done. I wrote a post with five reasons why you should definitely watch it, which you can check out here if you’re interested.


Gossip Girl // This is a trashy teen drama show. I think everyone has at least heard of it, but just in case you haven’t, it’s about a bunch of rich, annoying and extremely dramatic private-school kids who think they’re special. But apart from the excessive drama it’s actually not that bad of a show – I grew very fond of the characters over the six seasons, and they do grow up and become better people over time.




The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan // This is the first book in Rick’s new series, The Trials of Apollo. I freaking loved it, and I wrote a full review, which you can check out here if you wanna know my thoughts. Basically, the book follows the Greek god Apollo as he is cast out of Olympus by his angry father Zeus and has to complete a bunch of trials as a mortal teenager to gain back his position as a god.




Bring Me The Horizon – Drown // The new Bring Me The Horizon album, That’s the Spirit, is absolutely amazing, but Drown is without a doubt my favourite song. Listening to it for the first time reminded me of why I love this band so much, and it brought back lots of memories that may or may not be related to a bunch of emo kids and the year 2012.

Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out // I discovered this song through one of the Fine Brothers’ React videos, and I can’t stop listening to it. I love the singer’s voice and the lyrics are pretty great, but what makes me come back to it over and over again is definitely the music.

Emma Blackery – Don’t come Home // Emma is a Youtuber who I’ve been watching for years. I think she might actually be the one person I’ve never stopped watching – I literally never left her channel, while most of my subscriptions have changed over the years. But she’s not just a Youtuber, she’s a very talented singer as well, and while her previous songs aren’t really my kind of thing, this one is absolutely wonderful. The lyrics are beautiful and her voice shines. It’s SO good. (The song starts at 01:10 of the video – before that she just talks.)


And those are my May favourites! Do you guys like any of this stuff? Or do you plan on checking it out? I’d love to know.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



9 thoughts on “Monthly favourites | May 2016

  1. I’m actually a big fan of Gossip Girl, I’m not a fan of Jenny though. I’ve never been able to like her in the show!
    The Witch Please podcast sounds really interesting and something I definitely want to check out and find out more about for myself 😀

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  2. I just recently discovered BMTH! From a Fine Brothers video. Haha. (Also found twenty one pilots there.) I haven’t listen to their older music but I love Drown and Follow You in particular. I listened to Follow You on repeat a few weeks ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh a new fan! 😀
      You should listen to their older songs! The 2010 ones are terrible in a good way (It never ends in particular brings back so many memories 😂) but the Sempiternal album is amazing and closer to their current music.

      Liked by 1 person

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