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Grace and Frankie: 5 reasons why you should watch it

Grace and Frankie is a wonderful Netflix show about two older women who are left by their husbands because the two men are in love with each other. Grace is the opposite of Frankie, and they don’t get along, but because they don’t know what else to do they move in together and try to start their lives over.



1. The humour. This show is incredibly funny, but in a subtle, quiet kind of way. There are no typical sitcom jokes, but some truly hilarious moments that are very memorable.


2. The almost non-existent drama. I’m not a fan of drama – it tires me and I think it gets annoying and repetitive quickly, which is why teen shows tend to be a bit ridiculous to me, especially when they’re set in high school. So this show is refreshing in that way – because the characters are old, they don’t act like dramatic teenagers, but have their own kind of drama, which is less petty. (Not trying to say that real teen problems aren’t valid – the way they’re portrayed on TV just sucks.)


3. The unique nature of the show. How many shows are there about older people? Not many. And how many shows are there about older gay people? Pretty much none. The way the topic is handled is wonderful, and I haven’t been disappointed by anything so far.


4. The characters. Besides Grace, Frankie and their ex-husbands, there are also the respective families. Each ex-couple has children, and those children have children too. All the characters have their own personality and story, their own struggles, and they all make sense both alone and put together.

There’s Grace, a woman of the classy kind, who doesn’t have much love for anything cute or silly. She seems cold-hearted at first, but later becomes a very likable character.


There’s Frankie, who is the opposite of Grace. She’s kind of a hippy, very liberal and loud, and a lover of art and animals.

giphy (8).gif

There’s Robert, Grace’s ex, who is a very serious man, the kind that doesn’t like to talk about feelings. And of course there’s Sol, Frankie’s ex-husband, who just like Frankie is liberal and a bit strange, but incredibly lovable.


Then there’s Grace and Robert’s daughters, Mallory and Brianna. Mallory is a quiet woman with a typical suburban family. I find her a bit boring and she’s not my kind of person, but she’s still likable. (I also can’t find a gif for her.) Brianna, on the other hand, is fantastic. She’s bossy, sassy and awesome, a business woman and a very empowered person in general. She has some of the best lines and she’s honestly my favourite character.


And of course Frankie and Sol’s adopted sons. One is Coyote, a recovering addict with some issues but a very good heart. The other is Bud, a lawyer who is always fighting with Brianna and who I absolutely love.


There are other minor characters as well, but they’re not interesting enough, so I’m gonna leave it at this!


5. The beautiful lessons. The show is all about friendship, love, and forgiveness. Grace and Frankie have to deal with each other and their ex-husbands’ new situation – there’s a lot of talk in the show about how they can’t be mad because they’re gay, and how if they had been cheating on them with women all this time everyone would be furious, but because they’re gay they forgive them easily. I love how even though the two women take a long time to completely forgive them, they still treat them well, treat them like family. That’s what I love so much about this show, how even when there’s drama, everyone still loves and protects each other. It really does teach some wonderful things.


And that’s it! Those are my 5 main reasons why you should watch this show. There are currently two seasons out, and I believe Netflix is working on the third. So not a huge commitment either! I hope you check it out, and if you’ve already watched it, please let me know what you think.

‘Till next time and happy watching!



6 thoughts on “Grace and Frankie: 5 reasons why you should watch it

  1. When the first season came out I watched it all in one day and now I’m doing the same for the second, totally agree it’s an amazing show and all the characters are really interesting, brilliant review

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