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Currently reading | 15-06-2016

I only have one book to talk about today. I am technically reading two, but with the second book I’m literally on the same page I was last week, so I’ll just mention it quickly. As always, if you guys wanna share what you’ve been reading lately, I’d love to know.


Noir by Jenny-Mai Nuyen


This is the first German novel I’ve read in a very long time, and it’s so weird. I can’t decide whether everything sounds strange because I’m not used to the language anymore or because the writing style is just not for me. I’m leaning more towards the former though, because I used to love all of Jenny’s books as a kid. I’m not the biggest fan of the story so far – it’s a paranormal contemporary, while her older books are all high fantasy (which I much prefer). The novel follows a guy who knows when and how someone is gonna die just by looking at them, and he’s trying to get some answers before he dies himself. It’s not a long book, so I’m definitely gonna finish it no matter what. I’m on page 55 of 377 (14% done).


The other book I’m still reading is An Utterly Impartial History of Britain by John O’Farrell. I’ve talked about this twice already in my currently reading posts, so I’m gonna spare you. It’s a fun non-fiction book about British history – I’m just really not in a history mood at the moment, so my progress is slow.


I hope you guys are having a wonderful week, reading-wise and in general.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



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