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Favourite book blogs!

Today I have an overview of my seven favourite WordPress book blogs! Of course there are lots of other blogs I love, but these are the ones whose content I connect with the most. They are in chronological order, starting from the one I’ve been following the longest.


Amy @ Inkyspells

Amy is an English Literature graduate and it really shows in her writing. Her bookish posts are both intelligent and entertaining, and always enjoyable to read. She likes a little bit of everything, which is the main reason I love her blog – I read very widely myself, so I identify with that. She also has a great sense of humour, which is my number one reason for following someone.


Fatima @ Noteable Pad

Fatima writes amazing reviews full of interesting opinions, and she’s also really good with discussion posts. Describing her reading taste is a bit difficult, but judging by her review index I’d say she likes classics and books that are a bit strange and obscure.


Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews

I think it’s safe to say that Lauren is my favourite person on this site. She has an amazing sense of humour, she uses Twitter way too much (making me randomly laugh at 4am), and she reads my kinds of books. We share a passion for the Percy Jackson series and anything Rick Riordan writes, and whenever she dicusses something I can relate to her 100%. If you don’t follow her yet, what are you doing?


Beth @ Reading Every Night

Beth’s reviews are structured in a really nice way, which makes them easy to follow and enjoyable to read. She recently started reading the Percy Jackson books after much convincing from a lot of different bloggers, and I’ve been loving her excited reviews.  (There’s nothing quite like seeing someone love a book you recommended.) She mostly reads YA and fantasy.


Madeline @ The SFF Bookshelf

Madeline reads mostly fantasy and sci-fi, and I remember being absolutely delighted when I found her blog because I love her writing style. Her posts always pull me in and keep me interested until the end, and she writes some really fun miscellaneous posts every now and then.


Emily @ Rose Read

Emily’s blog is wonderful. She often goes to really interesting literary places and events and I always love reading about them. She also posts a lot about Harry Potter, which obviously makes me very happy. I’ve been going through her reviews and she honestly reads a bit of everything, with lots of fantasy here and there and a bunch of YA books that have been on my wishlist for the longest time.


Naz @ Read Diverse Books

I remember finding Naz’s blog and just thinking, hell yeah, this is what I’ve been looking for. Years before I started my own blog, I was searching desperately for blogs focused on LGBT+ reads, and while Read Diverse Books is not just about queer books but all kinds of literary diversity, it really was a magical find for me. I immediately fell in love with Naz’s writing style and smart reviews, and I’ve found a lot of books there that are now on my wishlist.


I’d love to know what your favourite blogs are, and which people you’ve been following the longest!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



45 thoughts on “Favourite book blogs!

  1. Great Post! I’ve now got some more blogs to check out myself 🙂
    I’m a big fan of Lauren @Wonderless Reviews. I also find I relate to a-lot of what she posts and we like similar books but also she seems such a lovely person. She’s really made me feel at home in this community and she’ll always leave a comment on the post she reads 🙂

    Definitely going to check out the other blogs you have featured, thanks for the recommendations!

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      1. I have been looking for more blogs to follow so that I can grow my feed. One of the reasons I like wordpress is the ability to comment, something not all Tumblrs let me do. And books are meant to be discussed!

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  2. I’m totally almost tearing up at this post and some of the comments. Life hasn’t been great lately and this honestly made me feel so happy. I don’t even know what to say 🙈 Thank you so much 💖 I’m so glad I decided to join this community. I will keep on updating Twitter too much and (hopefully) making you laugh 😂 I follow everyone on this list and they are all so wonderful!! As are you, of course!!! Seriously thank you again!! And Percy Jackson forever!!

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  3. Omg Izzi I’m seriously so thankful. This means so much to me. ❤ Thank you! You're one of my favourite bloggers too! Haha you're one of the few bloggers I follow who read like literally anything (non-fiction included) so I always look forward to your posts.

    It's so interesting that you've summed up my reading taste as "she likes classics and books that are a bit strange and obscure" haha I was actually planning on posting about this the other day. There's no specific genre I like, and I'm quite open-minded so I read anything I can learn from. I'm confused myself haha.
    But really, thank you so much Izzi. This has made my day! I follow most of these blogs, and they are definitely awesome. ❤

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  4. Oh wow, thank you so so much Izzi for featuring me in this, it seriously made my day and I am so glad you enjoyed my blog enough to feature it in this post! ❤
    I definitely read majority fantasy and YA, hopefully some time soon I'll start branching out a little as well! But oh yes the Percy Jackson series is amazing and I am so thankful to everyone who recommended it to me (especially you because I think it was your blog I saw it on first!) I'm hoping to start the Heroes of Olympus series next month! I can't get enough of Rick Riordan's writing.
    Again seriously thank you so much. I can't say I follow all these blogs but I'm definitely going to be checking the out now you've mentioned them! 😀

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    1. Haha I’ve told you before how much I love the way you structure your reviews, it just really stuck out to me when I found your blog. 😊 And of course I like more than just the structure, which is why it’s one of my favourites. 😀

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  5. Hi, Izzi. I love your blog too! Sorry I have been absent the last week or so.
    You are too kind. 🙂 We’ve only been following each other for a few months, but I hope we both have long and successful blogging careers. 😀
    I am already following all the blogs you listed and agree about all of them. Lauren’s blog is also one of my favorites. I don’t know how she does it, but her posts are always so fun to read. And she writes so much, like every post is super detailed! The words seem to just spill out of her, lol, but I love it.

    Do you follow Casey The Canadian Lesbrarian? It’s a great one with a focus on LGBTQ reads.

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