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My biggest book hangovers

Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks posted this about a month ago and I thought it looked like a lot of fun and an interesting topic to write about. Definitely check out her original post, without it this one wouldn’t exist after all! (I hope you don’t mind that I’m doing this, I have no intention of stealing your idea, just thought it really looked fun!)

If you don’t know what a book hangover is, it’s that feeling you get after finishing a really good book, like it’s all you can think about and you feel terrible because it’s over, and a part of you is convinced that you’ll never be able to enjoy another book again.


The Universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence


This book killed me. It’s a wonderful story about friendship and the ending is so devastating. I never let anyone see me cry, so when I felt the emotional finale coming I locked myself in the bathroom and finished the last few chapters crying silently. Sounds pathetic? Well, yeah, book hangovers usually are. I couldn’t stop thinking about the unique, beautiful story for days.


The New Hunger by Isaac Marion


This is a very unusual answer I think, because most people don’t like this book all that much. It’s a prequel to Warm Bodies, that weird zombie story that was made into a terrible movie (the book is more like an adult horror while for some reason they made the movie into a teenage romance?). What’s so strange is that I love this prequel even more than the actual Warm Bodies novel, and I seem to be the only person who feels that way (New Hunger fans, talk to me! I feel so alone!), but basically this book broke my heart and left me thinking about how messed up humans are for weeks. It’s all about the end of the world and how it happened and what the human race did to our planet. I still think about the story every now and then, and I always regret it because it makes me really sad.


The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller


Oh, this book! It’s been getting some attention from book bloggers lately, which makes me incredibly happy, but I still think it doesn’t get enough love. The story is so beautiful and the ending is heartbreaking. Another book that made me lock myself in the bathroom to cry in silence – I am such a pathetic reader, ayyy. If you don’t know, this novel is a retelling of the Iliad, but instead of just being friends, Achilles and Patroclus are actually lovers. Like, I’m always a sucker for gay romance, but tragic gay romance? Sign me up. (Full review)


Nijura by Jenny-Mai Nuyen


I don’t think anyone even knows this book exists, which makes sense, because it’s a German high-fantasy novel that was never translated into English. It’s a pity really, because it’s the book that got me into fantasy in the first place, and I remember being a devastated little 11-year-old when my favourite character died. The story, if you happen to know any German, follows a young girl who needs to kill the king who has stolen the crown of the elves – she finds both friends and enemies on her way, and realises that the information she has been given about her quest is incomplete and, more often than not, wrong and biased.


The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan (The Heroes of Olympus #5)


I can’t even describe what I felt after finishing this book. The ending to the Percy Jackson series was sad, but while I love those books, I never felt that emotionally connected with the characters, mainly because the books are so funny, and I tend to connect more with tragedy. Heroes of Olympus is more serious, still hilarious but with a certain sadness following the story, and the ending of the fifth book mostly devastated me with how positive and happy it was. Like, dude, you can’t end a book so wonderfully. RUDE.


Das Vermächtnis der Magier by Peter Schwindt (Morland #3)


I considered not talking about this book, because it’s not even well-known in Germany (I think, like, three people know this trilogy exists), but I couldn’t just ignore it. It’s science-fiction, set in an alternative-history future where Russia won the Cold War and the world was destroyed afterwards in some kind of disaster. Humans had to rebuild everything from scratch, with little to no information about the past. Now the world is much like Russia but caught between the middle ages (in mentality and life standards) and the future (in technology). There are people with special powers, and they’re hunted because legend says they were responsible for the destruction of the world. The three main characters have those kinds of powers, and they somehow have to survive in a world that doesn’t understand them, soon realising that they are the only ones who can save it.

The first two books are intense and absolutely amazing, but as a reader you keep asking yourself what the hell is going on, and then at the end of the third book all those weird little details come together and you find out what really had been going on all this time, getting all your questions answered. I honestly don’t know why this trilogy isn’t more well-known, it’s a masterpiece.


The Secret History by Donna Tartt


Finally – my favourite book in the entire world! Not only is the writing stunning, but the story is captivating and addictive. It’s quite a long book, but I couldn’t put it down, just kept reading for hours, and when I finished it I just sat in my room for a while, thinking that life was pointless and that I shouldn’t even bother picking up another book, nothing would ever be as good as The Secret History anyway.

The novel follows a guy who goes to college and meets some strange people in his Classics course – they seem to have all these secrets, are always acting weird, and take Greek mythology way too seriously. What starts out as a fun, mysterious adventure into the lives of rich people with too much time on their hands (and an unhealthy passion for the unknown) ends with a murder and years of guilt and desperation. The ending broke my heart into a million little pieces, and I’m still not over it.


These are my worst book hangovers! What about you guys? Are there any books that left you feeling devastated, like no other book would ever be good enough again? I’d love to know.

(On a completely unrelated note, I updated my about page the other day, and also added a review directory. I think the latter makes it a lot easier to see what kinds of books I like, while the former was just terrible and needed to be changed. You probably don’t care, but I thought I’d mention it, in case anyone wants to check it out.)

‘Till next time and happy reading!



30 thoughts on “My biggest book hangovers

  1. Oh my god, yes at Heroes of Olympus. That gave me the WORST book hangover. The ending was great, but I felt so sad that it was all over. I loved Warm Bodies and really need to read the prequel. I’m so excited for the sequel next year! I really need to read The Song of Achilles and The Secret History.

    Also love the review directory! You totally reminded me that I need to sort out mine, haha.

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  2. I don’t speak German but you made this one “Das Vermächtnis der Magier” sound amazing!
    This is a bit dumb but I recently read the first three books in The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, I thought it was a trilogy so when I got to the end and discovered I have to wait for two more books I couldn’t decide if I was furious or heartbroken 😛

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  3. I bought The Song of Achilles about a month ago, and I love idea. The twist on an old idea, and what is my favorite book of all time, is so exciting. I’m going to be crushed after I read it. I’m also like that when I read The Iliad. It’s such a heartbreaking story. And with it being told from Patroclus’ POV is so interesting, considering we all know he dies. I’m hoping my Hype or Like Friday book group will choose it in this poll I’m running for next month. Either way, I’m definitely reading it in July. I’m glad you liked it.

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      1. I think it’s almost impossible that I would hate anything with Achilles and Patroclus. The Iliad is one of those books where the characters are everything to me. Some historians believe that Achilles and Patroclus were lovers, despite Homer never mentioning this in his story, so I’m interested to see how their relationship plays out in this book.

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  4. Book hangovers are the worst/best. But they are also an example of how amazing books are. I always feel a tad dazed and unable to function correctly :p These books all look amazing, I have to agree with The Blood of Olympus though. Rick Riordan is amazing!

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  5. You’re right, this is such a fun topic! I think I’ve only ever read The Blood of Olympus out of all those books you mentioned, haha! But ugggh it gave me the worst book hangover, too! I even dreamt of being in the Argo II the night after I finished the series. I remember waking up so, so sad 😦

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  6. I haven’t actually read any of these off your list so I best check some of them out soon considering they gave you a mighty book hangover!
    Personally a book that gave me a book hangover (that I read this year) is Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, boy did that book make me cry! Sure i’m an emotional mess but still XD

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  7. Awww I’m glad I inspired you to make this post! I don’t mind at all 😄
    The Secret History left me with a huuuuuge book hangover as well. I just couldn’t function for days after finishing it hahaha!

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  8. I’m not sure if I’ve really experienced a book hangover yet, maybe with The Raven Cycle series but honestly that’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head.
    I am so so excited to read The Heroes of Olympus books you have no idea, I also feel like this is one series that will definitely give me a book hangover, especially when I get to the end of the books Rick Riordan has released so far and have to wait for the next one!
    Also I loved The New Hunger. I read both that one and Warm Bodies and definitely prefered the prequel. Although honestly I prefer the prequels quite a bit of the time, I loved The Kill Order so much more than The Maze Runner series. 😀

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  9. I am still trying to get over heroes of Olympus and it’s been three months. I love it so much!!! My book hangover only got worst after I read the Trials of Apollo cause I know not many people are saying this, but may Trials of Apollo rot in Tartarus. I am trying to get over it by reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series and the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy which are both good but I can’t get over HoO. It’s like smoking; whenever I think I’m over it I just go back to being sad 😦 I might try the Kane Chronicles but I think HoO has ruined my summer.

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