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The horrors of getting my driver’s licence | Story time!

This post is not book-related, but after all the crap I went through to get my licence I feel like I should talk about the whole process. If you’re planning to learn to drive soon, maybe you can learn from my mistakes.


So it all started when my parents said I should sign up with the closest driving school to our home. This driving school was specialised in doing courses for people who had lost their licence, not people who were getting it for the first time – I thought it didn’t really matter. BIG MISTAKE.

The woman who worked there was very funny, we got along quite well, but she was the least professional person I’ve ever met. She was late to all of our classes, and sometimes didn’t show up at all, saying the next day that she hadn’t been feeling well and forgot to tell me. I’m extremely awkward when talking to people I don’t know very well, so I never complained, which was my second big mistake. On the outside I said something like ‘haha yeah I get it, it’s fine’ while on the inside I was screaming a list of all the insults I know. That’s what life is like when you absolutely despise confrontation.

So I endured all of that, mostly thanks to the fact that I have literally nothing to do, ever. Sometimes I would be in the classroom, waiting for her to start teaching, and she would tell me to hold on a second because she was watching a funny Youtube video and wanted to finish it. Honestly, that I didn’t mind so much – I know it would drive a lot of people crazy, but I’m generally pretty patient, and while I recognise how unprofessional and shitty that behaviour was, it didn’t bother me personally. Once I’d realised she acted like that all the time I just brought a book along to every lesson and read a few pages while she watched her videos. Then she would finally start teaching me, and honestly there weren’t any real problems there – she was quite a good teacher.

I passed my theory exam with no problems, I had studied a lot and knew everything I needed to know. Then the actual driving began. She was once again late all the time, but she actually showed up to all our appointments, which was a nice change. She would come get me at home as well, so even though she was late I didn’t really mind, because I could just sit in my room until she texted me that she was outside. It really wasn’t so bad. Now, the real problem was that while she was a good driver, she was not the best driving teacher. She tried explaining what I had to do, but I did 30 lessons with her (which is a lot, at least where I come from) and still wasn’t a very good driver. She also taught me a few small things wrong, which, like, dude. At least teach me right?!

A real miracle came shining down from somewhere in heaven when her driving-school car broke. This was actually quite funny, because I’m brutal when I drive, I basically kill the steering wheel and break everything when I shift gears. We were always joking that one day I was gonna break her whole car, and then one day, while I was driving, it really did break. I still think that’s hilarious. Anyway, the car broke literally on the day of my last driving lesson, a few days before the exam. This was terrible news, because she didn’t have any other cars (another big mistake – always go for a big driving school, with at least two or three cars), so the exam had to be postponed. I waited about a week for her to fix the car, when she told me it was gonna take longer than expected. I probably would have waited around like the idiot that I am, but I had already booked my flight to Germany at the end of the month, so I had to do my exam as quickly as possible.

My mom and I finally got tired of her unprofessional attitude and the ridiculous time it was taking her to get the car fixed, so we signed up with another driving school, one that was further away but had three cars and teachers who actually did their freaking jobs. I met my new driving teacher the next day and was immediately enchantedhe was patient, professional, kind and taught incredibly well. Then came the bad news – I was definitely not ready for my exam. I had already booked my place with the new driving school a week later, thinking I only had to get used to the new car and was ready, but he told me I definitely wasn’t. I couldn’t postpone the exam again, so I had to get another ten driving lessons done in just a few days, which was stressful but (to my extremely bored self) kind of exciting. I learned more in those ten lessons than I had in the 30 previous ones with my first teacher, and the new guy told me, on the last day, that I was 100% ready.

I passed the exam with no problems, my teacher telling me I had done a wonderful job, and then I had my licence. You have no idea how good it felt to have it after this whole mess. I can’t even imagine how loud my internal screaming would have been if I had failed the exam. The car breaking down on the day of my last driving lesson was almost like a magical sign, telling me to get the hell out of there and find a new driving school. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t changed teacher, but I definitely would have failed the exam.


So that is the story of how I got my driver’s licence! I know I asked you guys for terrible driving stories last week, because I needed to know I wasn’t the only loser who’s scared of cars, but now I’m asking you for licence stories instead! Did you guys have terrible teachers who were always late? Or something along those lines? I’d love to share the pain, haha.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



29 thoughts on “The horrors of getting my driver’s licence | Story time!

  1. I think I probably took near on 50 lessons when I learnt how to drive because I was always changing my location due to uni so I had to get used to new roads and I didn’t pass my test until the 4th try, but I’m glad in a way that it happened the way it did because I’m definitely a better driver for it and I know how to drive in both county roads and big city roads.

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  2. This reminds me of my driving instructor, man he was brutal! He didn’t seem to posses the ability to speak at normal volume because he was always screaming in my face which was horrible because I’m so jumpy behind the wheel. Luckily I ended up taking the test without him anywhere near me and passed because turns out I’m a good driver when no one is breathing down my neck 😄! In hindsight I think he made me a better driver!

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  3. I took about 50 lessons :p. I terribly failed my first exam, but somehow that took all the stress off and all went great after that. My instructor was lovely. She was patient yet stern. Another student of hers had exam before me, so my instructor looked up my examinator. Therefore she knew what round I would have to do on my exam (that examinator always did the same), and she picked me up an hour earlier so I could do a practice round… Needless to say the exam went great after that 🙂

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  4. Haha I don’t know how you endured the first driving school with a teacher like that. Your patience is commendable! Congrats on getting the license though 🙂

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  5. That’s great you passed your test, especially after reading everything you went through with your first driving instructor!
    It took me quite a few lessons to take my test, but I started learning while I was at uni so there were times when I went home for the holidays that I was having week long breaks in my lessons so I guess that makes a little more sense! 😀

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      1. I doubt there’s anyone out there who had an easy time learning, but I think in comparison with everything you went through having to take breaks from my lessons isn’t so bad. I guess in the end we both passed and that’s the important thing isn’t it.

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  6. I’m putting off learning driving and getting my license. I’m just very afraid of getting behind the wheel 😥 Glad you succeeded in spite of everything. Congratulations!

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  7. I don’t know how you could be so patient! I probably would have left if my teacher told me to wait while she watched a Youtube video 😀
    I didn’t have a teacher like that when I took my driving lessons, but my teacher always made me drive on the busiest roads because “if you can drive here, you can drive anywhere!”.
    I love to drive though, so I didn’t mind 🙂

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  8. Sadly I am still struggling through! I’ve now failed so many tests I’ve lost count XD but I’m pretty sure the next one will be my 6th. I’ve had two instructors who didn’t really work for me, one of whom was kind of horrible, and now I’m on my third instructor who seems a lot better (and it turns out my horrible instructor was teaching me loads of things wrong as well!) so fingers crossed next time I’ll pass! xx

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  9. I wanted to pay for a driving school but couldn’t due to cost, so was kind of stuck waiting around for family members who weren’t interested in teaching me to teach me. It took forever. And it would have been nice to take a test with a driving school, too. Instead, I had to go to the state tests, which just vary wildly by who is testing you. The first time I had a woman who was notoriously mean; she even has online reviews saying to stay away from her. She told me I had stopped too close to a stop sign (one in an empty parking lot, with no marked crosswalk) and had “murdered the people who were walking there.” SO THAT WAS UPSETTING. You’d think murdering invisible people would have been enough to fail the test and we would have just gone back, but she made me go through the charade of taking the rest of the test, which I also did horribly on because I was so upset by her attitude. I took the test somewhere else the next time, and the tester was much more reasonable.

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    1. Also, I cried when we finally got back because I still wasn’t over having murdered those poor imaginary people, and the tester then had the nerve to act all sympathetic in front of my family and tell them she had no idea what I was upset about. Which is ridiculous because I am not often a “burst into tears” kind of person, so I think she must have her drivers crying all the time.

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      1. I get that driving about with inexperienced drivers is probably a stressful job, but if you get to a point where you’re just mean, you should probably just quit. You’re not helping the drivers and you probably hate your job anyway, so find on you like.

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