2016 is over and I’m still a terrible blogger (also hello, I’m back!)

I woke up this morning, read a few posts, and suddenly thought to myself: ‘I wanna blog again‘. So here I am! And oh boy, it’s been a while.

I have a lot to talk about, lots of fun stuff going on in my usually not very interesting life, but I will leave most of it for separate posts (which I will hopefully write soon and not leave to disappear into the void like most of the posts I had planned for the year). So today I will just share a few main things and update you wonderful people on what’s been going on!

First of all, thank you so much for following my blog even when I’m not posting anything! I have no idea why anyone followed me in the last few months considering the last time I blogged was August 12 (go me), but the last time I thanked my followers I had 200, and now the number is 367. How??? Thank you guys so, so much, you have no idea how excited (and slightly terrified) I am to start blogging again when there are so many new people to make a good impression on. (Please don’t leave, I swear I’m usually more interesting.)

Now, the biggest recent change in my life is that I started university in September. I originally wanted to post about it when I moved there, but that didn’t happen. So yay! University! I’m studying English Literature at the University of East Anglia and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. If you guys have been reading my blog for a while you know that it’s been a dream of mine to study in England for years, so the day I moved in and realised it was all true … man, the feels. I have lots of ideas for posts about uni life, my course, moving to a different country, etc. If there is anything in particular you would like me to talk about, feel free to leave a comment! I’m back home in Spain at the moment enjoying my winter break, and a part of me is terrified that uni never happened and I don’t actually live in England now – that’s how much I love it there, I can still hardly believe it’s all true.

Here are a few more quick updates:

  • I’m sill in a massive reading slump. I bought The Hammer of Thor, the second book in the Magnus Chase series, the day it came out, and I still haven’t read past chapter 2. The beginning was really good, I love all of Rick’s books, but I just can’t get myself to enjoy anything I read. I’m very thankful I’m studying literature – it’s the only thing that’s keeping me reading (and I will review all the books I’ve read in my first semester soon!).
  • I developed a massive crush (trust me, when I say massive I mean it) on a person in my university and it’s super annoying because I’m usually not an emotional person but I have started crying over everything and I now like cutesy romantic stuff and I’m pretty sure it’s all his fault. I feel like a 12-year-old. Also, just to be clear, the crush isn’t going anywhere and I’m just a loser chasing after someone who’s unavailable.
  • I have so many new favourites, I can’t believe how many there are. I will probably dedicate an entire post just to things I discovered and started loving at university. Brace yourselves!
  • I am now 19 years old. Not very interesting, I know, but I just thought I’d share that I’m not 18 anymore. Who cares? I don’t know.


Well, I think I’m gonna leave it here for now. I hope some of you are excited to have me back in the community! I’m certainly excited to be back, and I sincerely hope this is gonna last (note to self: please stop giving up on everything you start it’s annoying af). I also hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or holidays in general if you don’t celebrate), and that your new year will be amazing!

‘Till next time and happy reading!



8 thoughts on “2016 is over and I’m still a terrible blogger (also hello, I’m back!)

  1. Izzi!!!!! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this post!!! I’m so excited for you start blogging again 😀 I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about all your new favourites. I’m super sorry about the reading slump. Hopefully that will go soon!! Also feelings suck 😅. I was in a pretty awful crush situation when I was around your age too so I definitely get that. Don’t be too hard on yourself ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad you’re back and that you’re enjoying uni!!
    Sorry to hear about your reading slump! Assigned reading always used to put me in a bit of a slump when I was at uni, but at least you’re managing to read the books you’re assigned. I wasn’t so great at keeping up with them all haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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