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Best days of 2016 | University, driving and travel

2016 has been an … interesting year. A lot of bad stuff has happened world-wide, but there were lots of exciting and amazing changes for me. So here is an overview of the best days I had the past year! (You can thank my great organisation skills for having kept a list with all the dates of these events.)


February 3

This was such a magical day. I remember checking my UCAS application progress and finding that the University of East Anglia had given me an unconditional offer. I couldn’t even believe it, and to be honest sometimes I still can’t.


March 29

The day I started blogging! I was beyond excited, and while I went on a rather prolonged hiatus recently, I still love doing this now, and I hope this blog will last me a long time.


June 14

This was the day I got my driver’s licence, and while it was a very stressful process, I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to do it. Driving can be annoying (and I hate doing it at night) but it’s a very useful skill to have, so go me!


June 28

On June 28 I officially accepted my university accommodation. Fun fact: I did the whole acceptance process while waiting for my flight at the airport. It was certainly interesting, and a productive way to kill the time.

And speaking of airports and flights, this was also the day I went to Germany for the summer; my vacation there has been a tradition since 2010 and it’s the thing I usually look forward to the most all year – this year, of course, I was more excited about going to uni.


September 21

And here comes the best day of 2016: the day I moved to England! My level of happiness was beyond describable. I remember walking around campus, trying to find my accommodation and getting lost, asking another student for help, and finding all of it absolutely wonderful. And the moment I put my suitcase in my room and met one of my flat mates (who would turn out to be one of my best friends in there) – man, the feels. The feels.


September 29

Nothing special happened on this day, but some flatmates and I played a card game called Mafia together, and it’s the most beautiful memory I have of my flat. This probably sounds kind of dramatic considering I still live there and my first year isn’t over yet, but I don’t think anything I do with my flatmates in the future will come close to that evening. There was no alcohol involved, it was innocent and fun, we laughed out loud so many times, and it was just pure joy. I’m getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.


December 17

My last day in the flat before the winter break. This was very bittersweet. Two of my favourite flatmates in the first semester were Erasmus students, so they only stayed with us for three months, and spending the last day in the flat without them was kind of heartbreaking. But somehow it sticks out in my mind as a positive memory, and I think that’s because there was something lovely about the last evening there; most of my flat had gone home for the break already, so there were just a few of us left, one was blasting sad music in his room (with an open door), and there was this underlying Christmas spirit all around the university. I don’t know how to describe it, but I like to think that my last day in the flat (at least for the semester) was a good one.


And there we are! What were your best days of 2016? Let me know!

I hope you all had a lovely new year’s eve (mine sucked, but then again it’s my least favourite day of the year and always sucks for me) and that your 2017 will be amazing.

‘Till next time and happy reading!



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