Things I wish you could do on Netflix

This is kind of an unusual post for my blog, but I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I really want to talk about it. Netflix is amazing, of course, and I have spent quite a few hours on it, but there are some things you can’t do with it that I wish you could, and today I’m going to share those with you!


Interact with others users

When I told my best friend that I would like Netflix to be more of a community thing, she asked me how that would work, and I thought of Steam. If you don’t know what Steam is like, it’s a PC gaming site where you have your own profile, and you don’t just play games but also talk to your friends, follow famous gamers, and other fun stuff. That’s kind of what I would like Netflix to be like at some point. I want to add my friends, see what celebrities are watching, etc. I can imagine that some people would not like this ’cause not everyone likes social media, but I would love it.


Write reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could review the things you watch instead of just rating them? Ratings can be misleading, because it’s not always clear why something has an average of 4 or perhaps 2 stars. I’ve browsed Netflix with friends before, and sometimes they point out a movie they really like that has bad ratings – so actual reviews would be helpful to know what it is that people like or dislike.


See a list of actual new releases

Netflix is terrible at showing new uploads, so basically I just want it to be better at it. I usually check a site called What’s New on Netflix to see what’s been uploaded recently, and it’s quite useful ’cause you can look at lots of different countries, but it would of course be better if Netflix did a good job at showing new releases itself. It just seems like such a simple feature, so I don’t understand why it’s still so useless.


Have a more complete app

Browsing Netflix on the website is great, but doing it on the app sucks. I understand that the phone app can’t be perfect, but the Windows desktop app should be as good as the website, otherwise it seems kind of counterproductive if you’re trying to get people to download the app. It doesn’t allow you to look at the ‘more like this’ feature, which is something I love to do, and it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to include that in the app. Also, browsing in general just sucks, ’cause you can’t filter shows and movies as nicely as you can on the website, and I like having a complete overview of an entire genre as opposed to the scroll-bar-thingies.


Have more LGBT+ options

This depends a lot of the country you’re in, and to be fair the UK has quite a lot to offer. However, Spain has very few LGBT+ options and no LGBT+ category at all, which is sad. I didn’t even know Netflix had that until I moved to uni (I love you, England), so that would be more of a local request – make the Spanish Netflix gayer, please! (And even countries that have lots of LGBT+ shows and movies, the more the merrier!)


Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like Netflix in any way – it’s pretty much my favourite thing in the world. I just think it could do better.

I would love to know if you guys agree with my requests or if you think I’m being silly (if you do, feel free to say so). Are there any other things you wish you could do on Netflix? Let me know!

‘Till next time and happy watching!



27 thoughts on “Things I wish you could do on Netflix

  1. This is interesting post. While I don’t use Netflix anymore, I’m kind of conflicted about your wishes. It’s almost like turning Netflix into another social media site, but for movies. I feel like there enough social media sites…


  2. It would be sooo cool to be able to follow and interact with people on Netflix! I’d love to be able to see what everyone’s watching 👀 Also, my Netflix gives me the option to review things? Idk if each country is different though! But for me if you go into Details and then See All Reviews it gives you the option to write one!!! I also wish they had a better system of saying what’s added or what’s upcoming.

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  3. Ohh, great post Izzi. I don’t actually have or use Netflix, one of my friends has it thought and it always looks like there are some great TV shows on there, and I reckon some of these features would actually be quite cool as well. Interacting with others users would be amazing because then you could watch shows with friends in other countries! 😀

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  4. Great post, Izzi! I use Netflix all the time but I really would like for their “new release” list to actually be new releases haha. And I think it’d be really cool to interact with other users. I think I remember there was a time when you could write reviews for Netflix but that feature was removed for some reason. I think it’d also be nice to be able to simply remove shows from the “Continue Watching” list. I’ve got some things on there that I’d like to NOT continue LOL. But I can’t seem to get rid of them!

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      1. I’ve just figured that out! If you click on a title, you should have the option for “details.” Within that tab, they have member reviews. You click on “see all reviews” and then they give you the option to write a review 😀

        And thank you! I’d love to clean up my continue watching list LOL

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  5. Ooh Netflix, I only recently got it because they started adding more cool titles over here. I have to say I tend to ignore the Ratings cause most stuff I watch has like 2-3 Stars wtf? People are weirdly critical of Netflix shows and mysteries 🙄
    Don’t think I need ist to bei more social cause I can hardly keep up with all my social media already but it does sound fun in theory 🎬

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      1. Most is problematic in some way but I like Miss Fisher’s Murders Mysteries, Happy Valley, Crazyheads, The Break, Chewing Gum, Lie to Me. And of course Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Stranger Things.
        I watch too much stuff🙈 Any recs?😊

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