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Trump Protest in Norwich

Hello lovely people! I have been ridiculously busy lately, but the event I went to yesterday was so important that I’ve decided to dedicate a bit of time to a blog post about it. There was a huge Trump and Brexit protest in front of City Hall, Norwich, and it was empowering and absolutely wonderful – although very cold!


My friend and I thought for some reason that it was going to be a march, so we mentally prepared for lots of walking, but it was actually just a regular protest. We were among the first people who gathered in front of City Hall, alongside other UEA students, but soon more and more people joined us, and by 6 pm we were a real crowd.

The protest consisted mostly of standing in front of City Hall with lots of wonderful signs and listening to a number of people speak. The speakers themselves were brilliant; there were people of all age groups, and there was lots of intersectionality going on. We had older women, students, an important man from the Muslim community in Norwich, a man who is part of both an anti-war organisation and Pride (he joked about the uniqueness of that combination, which was a great way to start his speech), and many, many more. While the protest was about Trump, Brexit and Theresa May in general, its focus was the recent Muslim ban in the United States, hence the grand number of signs welcoming refugees.


Unfortunately my phone’s camera is terrible in the dark, so most of the pictures I took aren’t that great, but you get the idea. There was one sign in particular that I loved, and I really want to include it even though the image isn’t especially nice:


They tried to bury us

They didn’t know we were seeds

My poetic emo ass loves that.

There was also a hilarious moment in one of the speeches that I want to mention, just because it gave a bit of happiness back to what was a rather dark series of talks. One of the older men who spoke was talking about Theresa May and how ambiguous her politics are, and when he said “I call her Theresa May-be”, someone in the crowd shouted “I call her a cunt!”. It was amazing.

The protest lasted about two hours, and most people stayed through all of it, which makes me proud of living in such an amazing city. It was fairly cold, and the speeches were interesting but not great enough to keep people out in that kind of weather, so I think it shows true commitment to the cause and a real concern for the situation both in the US and the rest of the world. There were lots of excellent slogans shouted throughout the night, including “No Trump, no Brexit, no racist EU exit!” and the crowd’s general favourite, “Say it loud and say it clear, refugees are welcome here!”

I’m gonna leave you with a little picture my friend took of me during the protest, just because I love the sign. I didn’t make it myself, but the people from the uni were handing out signs to fellow students, and because we didn’t have any we grabbed one each.


I don’t even like tea, but it’s certainly better than walls.


‘Till next time and happy protesting!



7 thoughts on “Trump Protest in Norwich

  1. I love this, I love that you also posted about it!
    They had a protest in Manchester and I wish I was able to attend but I sadly couldn’t, the chants from around the UK they made up though were absolutely brilliant. It’s been heart-warming to see the UK band together against his policies and more.

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  2. “Theresa May-be” is a work of genius. I read something interesting on Twitter about that actually. I mean, Anti-Trump protests in the UK in general, not just in Norwich. The person was basically saying they were absolutely disgusted to be British right now because people went out in the streets to protest against Trump (which is a very good thing!) but not against the current UK government or Theresa May…

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