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Queer Movie Friday: The 10 Year Plan | Review

The 10 Year Plan is a gay rom-com by director J. C. Calciano, starring Jack Turner and Michael Adam Hamilton. I watched it with a friend because we wanted something fun, light, and gay, and I am not exaggerating when I say that we needed recovery time after all the cuteness. This movie is literally the most adorable shit ever.


General information

Year: 2014

Director: J. C. Calciano

Genre: Romantic comedy


5 stars white

If you like the best-friends-to-lovers trope, you will love this movie. It follows Myles and Brody, two gay guys who have been best friends forever. Myles is sweet and believes in true love, while Brody is a bit of a fuckboy and doesn’t do relationships. At the age of 25, they make a pact that if they’re both still single ten years later, they will marry each other.

Fast forward ten years, and Myles is about to turn 35. Both guys are still disasters when it comes to love; Myles puts too much effort into dating and ends up scaring people away, and Brody is … well, Brody. They are still best friends, and Brody decides that to avoid having to marry Myles, he is going to find him the perfect guy.

The rest of the plot is your typical rom-com stuff: dates that go terribly wrong, lots of cute dialogue, and best friends ultimately falling for each other – except it’s all gay and amazing. I absolutely love that this kind of narrative exists outside of the straight world. Usually we only get to see these kinds of stories being told by straight people. And the best thing is that it’s not a movie about the difficulties of coming out or being gay – it’s just about finding love.

The characters are all really amazing and very likable. Brody comes off as a jock at first, but he is an incredibly sweet guy on the inside, and he cares a lot about Myles. Myles is my beautiful son and I will protect him with my life. The secondary characters are also really lovely and, although not as interesting as Brody and Myles, make for some fun dialogue and cute conversations.

Look at my beautiful children

My favourite thing about this movie has got to be the simple fact that it’s a rom-com. LGBT+ movies tend to be tragedies, either stories about love that is forbidden and thus cannot thrive, or stories in which the gay character dies at the end. Happy endings are incredibly rare in gay movies, so having such a light and fun gay rom-com makes me really happy.

Like I said in the intro, this movie is an absolute overload of cuteness. At one point my friend had to pause it and then just lay in bed half dead for a few minutes. The feels, man, the feels.



If you’re looking for a light and incredibly adorable gay rom-com, I cannot recommend The 10 Year Plan highly enough! If you guys have seen it, or intend on watching it, let me know in the comments below! I would love to discuss it.

‘Till next time and happy watching!


Featured image: Freepik

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