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Ten Book Blogger Confessions

About a million years ago, Hilary @ Songs Wrote My Story posted ten book blogger confessions, and I thought it was a really cool idea, so I decided to do it too! I kept pushing it down my list of things I want to post, because there always seemed to be something I wanted to write about more, but today I am finally getting this done. Here goes nothing!


1. I like posts without reading them

I know, this is really bad. But sometimes I’m busy and I want to show the bloggers I follow that I care, so I just leave a like even though I don’t have the time to read their posts. Does anyone else do this?


2. I never check out the blogs of people who follow me or like my posts, only the ones of people who comment

I don’t even check who leaves likes or follows me to be honest. What I look for is interaction. If someone leaves a comment, I know that checking out their blog is worth it, because there will be some kind of interaction.


3. I absolutely despise weekly features

This is a pretty unpopular opinion I think, because literally everyone participates in features. But I just can’t stand them? Whenever I scroll through my WordPress Reader and it’s flooded with the exact same post (and most people include the same books as well), I just get kind of annoyed. It’s not personal, and I don’t blame anyone for participating in features, I just wish I could make them invisible on my feed or something.


4. I go on unfollow sprees like every day

This is a habit that I have not just when it comes to blogging but to everything in life. I’m a minimalist and I hate keeping things around that I don’t need. I spring-clean my room all the time, I unfriend people on Facebook if I haven’t talked to them in a while, and, well, I unfollow blogs that I don’t interact with. Sometimes I follow a blog because it seems interesting, but then a few weeks later I realise I never read it. Time to go!


5. I only follow blogs that post thoughtful, personal reviews and/or discussion posts

Sometimes a blogger leaves a really sweet comment and I decide to check out their blog. But if all I see is features and tags, I won’t follow them, just because I already know I won’t read any of their posts. Bloggers who mostly review books tend to get my attention, even if the books they review aren’t exactly my taste, just because I admire that instead of going for the posts that get a lot of interaction, they stick to the much less popular reviews.


6. Getting tagged makes me happy and uncomfortable at the same time

Obviously it makes me happy, because who doesn’t like a bit of attention? But it makes me kind of uncomfortable as well. Whenever I get tagged I’m just like nggghhh because I know that I will have to leave a comment saying that I appreciate the tag but won’t do it, because I just don’t like tags. And it also makes me uncomfortable because there’s a certain fakeness to tagging – it’s a bit like networking, very businesslike and all about making connections. It just feels weird.


7. I love writing reviews and hate writing list posts

I think this is the least relatable one. I absolutely love writing book reviews, which everyone else seems to hate. I just find it relaxing and exciting at the same time to get my thoughts on one specific thing down and share them with everyone. Even if they often don’t get a lot of attention, I just love writing reviews. List posts, on the other hand, just stress me out, because I have to talk about so many different little things! This post right here is okay, because I chose to do it myself and wasn’t tagged, but there’s a good reason I put off writing it for so long.


8. Exaggerated reaction gifs make me cringe SO BAD

I think I might hurt some feelings with this, but I swear I’m not calling anyone out here. This mostly applies to lists and tags – sometimes the post is entertaining and quite good, but there are these way too exaggerated reaction gifs everywhere ????? Like, I appreciate reaction gifs, but if you’re talking about something really minor there’s no need to use a gif of someone screaming all over the place? Like I said, this isn’t personal, but whenever I see posts like that it just makes me cringe.


9. I only follow blogs that have easily accessible comments

THIS. Honestly, it’s such a minor little thing, but it drives me nuts. I read blog posts on the WordPress app, and most comment sections are easily accessible, but blogs that are self-hosted (I think that’s what it’s called) or aren’t basic in other ways make my life so complicated. I have to open the post in Chrome to be able to comment, and then sometimes I have to leave my e-mail and name instead of just using my WordPress account?? I just don’t get why, as a blogger, you would make it so hard for people to leave comments. I often follow people and then realise their comment section is like that, so I unfollow them again.


10. I think not replying to comments is very rude UNLESS there’s a personal reason

I know a lot of bloggers are busy or have personal stuff going on, so replying to comments might take a while. What I find really rude is when there is no reply at all, ever. I have commented on blogs multiple times before without ever getting a response, and honestly it just makes me stop commenting. I find it really rude and also very strange – why would you not want to interact with your readers? I’m so grateful for every single comment I get, I can’t believe there are people who appreciate them so little.



This was a very salty post, so I hope no one feels personally attacked. If you do any of the things I have complained about, it doesn’t mean I hate your blog. I don’t expect anyone to base their blogging around what I like or dislike. Keep up whatever it is that makes you happy – I just love complaining.

‘Till next time and happy reading!


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61 thoughts on “Ten Book Blogger Confessions

  1. I’m the opposite when it comes to comments. I’m loathed to comment, it always makes me feel uncomfortable and is never a satisfactory means of engagement. So I try to follow book bloggers I like on better platforms like Twitter or Instagram or (if they use it) Litsy.

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  2. Gotta say, I love the saltiness! Honestly, I feel the same way about a lot of the things you mentioned. I leave likes on posts when I want to support someone I like a lot but am not really interested in reading the post (especially those weekly memes, which I hate reading, but sometimes I want to say ‘hey, I like that you made this list of diverse books, that’s cool.’)

    I’m so glad you said what you did about not following / unfollowing blogs that only post tags/memes or never have anything personal to say. I’ve noticed that the posts I read and comment on tend to be discussions or at least posts that offer something unique to the person writing it. That’s the whole point of reading other people’s blogs, right? Getting someone’s opinion out of it!

    Thank you for your honesty! You’re not alone.

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    1. Ah hahaha thank you!
      Yes, exactly! I think leaving likes is a nice way of showing support, even if it’s kind of fake 😅
      Yeah, reading posts that have nothing personal to say is just so pointless. I have better things to do!
      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it! ❤

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    I’ve been known to throw a like out before and also I never check out people’s blogs unless they comment it’s more because it’s a time thing. I feel the same way when people never reply to blog comments too, I unfollow the blogs that never reply. I find it so rude? Yes life gets busy but if in months you never reply to one comment? come on now.

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  4. I really loved reading this post, and I thought it was interesting reading your reasons because some of them I found myself agreeing with as well. It’s strange because I post tags and in weekly features but when it comes to blogs I follow I’m more likely to follow someone if they have more reviews than tags/features. Also I do agree about the whole commenting back thing. If someone has made the time and effort to comment on one of my posts I always comment back, even if it’s just to say thanks. Plus I’m blogging for the interaction with fellow bloggers so it’s kind of my whole reason for even being on WordPress. 🙂
    Great post! 😀

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    1. That’s interesting. I didn’t think people who posted tags and features would look for blogs that don’t post them that often. 😅
      Exactly! Commenting back is just a lovely way of acknowledging readers. x
      Thank you so much for reading ❤

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  5. Great post! I’m similar when it come to responding to comments. I don’t mind if bloggers don’t respond to every comment, as long as there’s usually a healthy mix of likes or comments. Just enough to know they’re paying attention to their followers

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  6. I don’t really like weekly memes or tags, either. We used to do some memes like Top Ten Tuesday , but there are so many now and so many people doing them that it does seem like I go into my feed and I’m looking at 20 versions of the same post. I don’t often read memes anymore. I know people like them because they’re relatively easy to put together, but the fact that it’s so easy does mean that everyone else is doing it and now no one’s post is really standing out as original or really thought-provoking.

    I don’t understand never replying to comments, either. To me, it’s a little like having someone talk to you on the street, staring at them, and walking away. The fact that it’s an online interaction doesn’t mean it isn’t kind of rude never to acknowledge that someone spoke to you. I understand people are busy, but I think if you reply to at least some comments some of the time, that would be sufficient.

    And I don’t go look at followers, either. We have so many I can’t really keep track of them all or go to all their blogs all the time. Plus I follow blogs all the time and then they disappear after two or three months. It’s more manageable to interact with the people commenting since there are fewer of them and I have an idea that they are real people!

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    1. I used to do a few memes but I fizzled out a bit when I started my semi-hiatus. The one I really enjoyed is the Harry Potter Moment of the Week so I’ll probably go back to doing it when I get back into a regular blogging cycle.

      I can understand not commenting on others’ posts sometimes, but I have to agree that not responding to people’s comments on your post is a lot like staring blankly before walking away. Just rude.

      I honestly don’t even look at my view/visitor stats…. I suppose the numbers don’t matter to me so long as I have quality interaction when it happens.

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      1. I do look at stats, don’t get me wrong – I just don’t look at which people specifically make up those stats. I am always excited to see my followers grow, but I feel like a lot of bloggers only follow to get followed back, so unless I see them leave a comment, I don’t bother checking out their blog. x

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      2. I’ve never seen the Harry Potter moment. That one sounds like it could be fun!

        Yeah, I don’t always comment on everyone else’s blog because that can be overwhelming. But I think commenting here and there on your own blog would look welcoming.

        I looked at the stats because I find it fascinating to see what’s popular (I’m usually surprised), but there’s not much I can do to change the stats, I think, because what people like sometimes seems arbitrary. Sometimes I think, “Aha! This one is worth 50 views! And then like 18 people click on it.” 😉

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        1. I do occasionally but I’m almost never surprised. The posts of mine that do the best are lists, blog tours (I blame the giveaways), and reviews of hyped books. I look maybe once every couple months but it always tells me the same thing, even if the numbers themselves go up.

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    2. I absolutely agree with everything you said! Memes are repetitive and definitely don’t stand out anymore. And the idea of staring at someone who is talking to you on the street and then walking away actually made me laugh 😂
      Comments do give me the feeling that the person behind the blog is a real human. A lot of book blogs have very similar names, and most of them do similar posts, so it can be hard to tell the bloggers apart; I always feel that interacting with them makes them stand out as more memorable.


      1. That’s true! And a few blogs even have similar layouts. I sometimes have to check the name because I keep thinking, “But I don’t remember clicking on So-and-so’s blog.” Turns out it’s not their blog, just someone with the same graphics.

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  7. I love doing reviews more than anything else too. My discussion posts are few, and I do them only when I feel I’m saying something others aren’t.
    I’m not so disciplined about keeping my ‘following’ list clean though.
    I really like this blogger confession idea…I may do it myself 😉

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      1. I kinda get stressed writing reviews because I always feel like I’m going to leave something out I wanted to say or say too much and spoil the book. 😂 Lists have always been calming for me but then I make lists for literally everything.

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  8. Great post! I also dislike the weekly features – I get emails from everyone I follow, and I always delete those weekly posts and don’t bother reading them!
    I also don’t understand why people don’t respond to comments. It doesn’t make any sense to me!
    I also agree with you about ease of commenting on other sites – some of those self hosted sites are so complicated! The problems with commenting & following self hosted sites is one of the main reasons I haven’t switched to self hosted /

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    1. Thank you!
      Oh God, if I got e-mails I would be so annoyed 😂 But then again I am very particular about keeping my inbox as empty as possible 😅
      Yep, self-hosted comment sections are a mess! You’d think WordPress would make switching more appealing.

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  9. Love this post, Izzi!

    I like posts without reading them too. I think it’s like a nice way to say “hey I didn’t read this, but I still support what you’re doing”.

    I wish I could post more original content and reviews, but I struggle with that so much. Whenever I do tags or weekly features I definitely try to make it as unique as I possibly can. I HATE when people just list some book titles, haha. At least put some heart into it, y’know? I think the thing I dislike the most though is all those blitz posts?

    I saw a poll recently about asking how often people blog hop and the “I don’t” option was winning? And I was SO confused. I don’t understand how someone can blog without reading/commenting? How do you build up a network or keep followers or make friends by ignoring everyone else? I know I’m not the best at replying to comments, but like at least try? Hahahaha.

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    1. Thanks, Lauren ❤

      Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that! I always feel so fake 😂😂

      Ugh, when I look at a post, any type of post really, and all it includes is book titles and covers I get so pissed! Like especially when the post has lots of comments I feel personally attacked 😂 What do people even comment on if the blogger didn’t say anything personal???
      To be honest, Lauren, yours are the only features that don’t annoy me. You know how much I love your blog, you can post anything really haha. x
      I actually have no idea what the blitz posts are? I just saw lots of people doing them and they never include any books I’m interested in so my brain was like nope!

      Yes exactly! I mean if you just blog because you need a place to share your thoughts, whatever. But at least reply to comments?? Even if you don’t comment on other blogs. As Krysta pointed out, not replying to comments is like ignoring someone who is talking to you. Not commenting on other blogs isn’t rude because you’re just not starting any conversations – but I still think it’s kind of bizarre. 😅


      1. I feel guilty sometimes but it’s like if you don’t have time or aren’t interested then?

        Hahahaha. I feel super special now ğŸ˜Ž No but I definitely agree! I’ve seen wonderful discussion posts that have hardly any comments, but some super basic TTT posts have TONS. I think it’s an advertising thing really because I know heaps of people use them as a way to get followers, which I did at the start too 😂 but it’s definitely frustrating when it’s clearly had no heart put into it. I think they’re just promo posts for Indie books. Most of them seem to be like romance or paranormal romances so it’s never interested me either.

        Yes, very true!!

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        1. Yeah, same thing applies to tags and awards. They can be really impersonal and still get lots of attention because people are looking for connections. It’s all so networky and it makes me so uncomfortable 😂
          Ahh okay! Guess I won’t start reading them any time soon haha. x


  10. Yay, you did it!!

    Writing reviews is the best part of having a book blog (with discussions at a close second), and I have no idea why people don’t enjoy writing these. Why wouldn’t you want to talk about the book you just read??

    I agree also with the gif posts. I find they make posts look so messy. I do enjoy doing a couple of weeklies though (usually 1-2 standard, and then I do my own music one). I get a lot of ideas for my discussions and such while putting them together, and for the small amount of work they take to put together, they drive a lot of traffic, which results in more attention for my reviews and discussions.

    I’m guilty of also liking posts without reading them, as well as not commenting as much as I want to because of the chaos of work (which is easing up so yay!), but I do think there’s no excuse for not replying to the comments made on your posts. Someone took the time to comment on your post, don’t be a jerk and ignore them. Even if it takes a few days or a week, there’s no excuse.

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    1. Yes, I finally did 😂

      Exactly! Reviews are so much fun to write!

      Yeah, I like some gifs in posts, but when they’re everywhere it’s just weird. I like when people have their own features, like I think it’s really cool that you do your song one, I just don’t like the ones that everyone does. They get kind of repetitive. I hadn’t really thought about features getting traffic to reviews and discussions tho – that’s a good point.

      Yep, definitely agree! x

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      1. They’re the best! I don’t know how you can book blog and not enjoy them, but maybe that’s just me.

        They do get super repetitive, I agree. But when I can get over 100 hits on a post like that, and a few new readers for the rest of my stuff, I’ll suck it up and do it. Gives me more people to talk to about the important stuff 😉

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  11. OMG this post totally spoke to me. I also like posts without reading them, and I never read weekly features cause the bore me. I’m so glad you posted this because I feel like there are many habits we do as book bloggers that we’re afraid to acknowledge to each other. So appreciative of your honesty. ❤

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  12. I also hate tags ad weekly features! It’s gotten to the stage where I don’t really even look at my WordPress Reader on Tuesday’s because I know it’s just going to be post after post of the same kind of thing. Some I find interesting, but only when someone’s put something of themselves into the post, rather than just lists or pictures of book covers.

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