Hello, hello! My name is Izzi and this is where I review books! As you’ve probably guessed by the blog title, I’m a Ravenclaw, and, well, I like reading. I also like lots of other things, like Skyrim and Queer as Folk and rucola. But this blog is mainly about books.

I read pretty much everything, but I especially love books that focus on feminism, gender, sexuality, race, and human rights in general. I also like epic fantasy, although I don’t read nearly enough of it, and I have an odd passion for books by Nigerian writers (I blame Chimamanda). I can usually be found browsing second-hand books or attempting to make vegan cream cheese taste like the real deal. I write monthly wrap-ups (occasionally) and I also review books separately when I have a lot to say (which is more often than not), so you will definitely find lots and lots of bookish recommendations.

I also spend too much time watching LGBT+ themed movies, which is why I started a weekly (ish) series called Queer Movie Friday. In September of 2016 I moved to Norwich to study English Literature, so I am now officially a book blogger from the UK.

See y’all around!


How I rate books

★★★★★ ~ I really loved it
★★★★☆ ~ I liked it but wasn’t blown away
★★★☆☆ ~ It was okay
★★☆☆☆ ~ It was terrible
★☆☆☆☆  ~ It was the worst


About my theme

[I’m currently re-designing my blog once again, so if the design on different posts isn’t consistent, that’s why. Sorry about that, it will be fixed soon!]

The feather you can see in my header was originally found on Open Clipart, and then edited by me. The funky hand-drawn lines that I use as separators were extracted from this image on Freepik. The different backgrounds for each featured image will be linked at the bottom of the corresponding post.


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