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My name is Izzi and this is where I review the books I read! I’m a proud Ravenclaw with the occasional Slytherin and Hufflepuff moments (just not Gryffindor please), and while I read pretty much everything, I particularly love LGBT+ fiction and non-fiction, diverse texts and feminist writing in general, epic/high fantasy stories, and books set in Nigeria. I even read German books every now and then. I write monthly wrap-ups and I also review books separately when I have a lot to say (which is more often than not), so you will definitely find lots and lots of bookish recommendations.

Besides books I’m also really interested in LGBT+ themed movies, which is why I started a weekly (ish) series called Queer Movie Friday. In September of 2016 I moved to Norwich to study English Literature at the University of East Anglia, so I am now officially a book blogger from the UK!

Before you venture deeper into my blog, I want to warn you: I have a terrible sense of humour, and I love being snarky. Now, if you’ve come this far, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy what is to come!


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How I rate books

★★★★★ ~ I really loved it
★★★★☆ ~ I liked it but wasn’t blown away
★★★☆☆ ~ It was okay
★★☆☆☆ ~ It was terrible
★☆☆☆☆  ~ It was the worst


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About my theme

I recently completely redesigned my blog, and I like to give credit where credit is due, so here are the sources for the images (and other things) I used. Keep in mind that I do not own any of these!

The blue space background in most of my featured images

The rainbow space background in my featured images for Queer Movie Friday

The fancy font (Scriptina)

The feather you can see in my header and most of my posts was originally found on Open Clipart, and then edited by me.

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