(A very belated) birthday book haul!

Hello again and happy Saturday! As some (or, more likely, none) of you may know, my birthday was December 12, and I mentioned on Twitter that I got way too many books! My girlfriend went wild buying basically every book I’ve ever mentioned to her, and three other friends of mine got me books as well, even though I really didn’t need more. My TBR pile has reached a ridiculous height and I have now prohibited everyone from giving me books ever again.

Let’s dive into the books, shall we?


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I’m back! Girlfriends, dissertations, and my own magazine

Hello! Long time no see amirite.

I know it’s not Saturday, which is when I’m supposed to blog, but then again my last post was November 19, so the rules are open to interpretation at this point. I AM planning on posting regularly again from now on, with a proper bookish blog post every Saturday, but today I wanted to share some things I’ve been up to, and some exciting changes to my life!

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Why do people read book blogs? {Discussion}

We all know that book bloggers read each other’s posts – both to interact with other people who share their passion for books and to get their blog out there. But when people outside the book blogging community read reviews and discussion posts, it makes me wonder why exactly that is. What do people get out of our content?


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Lists and favourites

5 Star TBR predictions! ★★★★★

Hello everyone! I was supposed to blog this morning, but alas! your girl fell asleep. So instead I’m writing this now. I saw Mercy @ Mercy’s Bookish Musings do a video a while back, in which she talked about the books on her TBR she thinks she will give 5 stars to. I thought this was a really cool idea, so I’ve decided to attempt my own list!


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Book review/rant: Mage’s Blood by David Hair (Moontide Quartet #1) | In which I complain, like, a lot

(I’ve been putting off writing this review for ages, simply because this book was problematic as hell and it’s gonna make for a damn long blog post. Ugh.)

Mage’s Blood is the first book in the Moontide Quartet series, set in an epic fantasy world in which two continents are separated by a bridge that can only be crossed once every 12 years. The next Moontide is getting nearer, and some magical shit is going down.

mages blood

2 stars

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