Book hoarding and the pressure of blogging {discussion}

Hello hello!

I’m in an extraordinarily good mood today, so I figured I might as well get some blogging done! I have a topic on my mind that I’ve been thinking about a lot since I started blogging: the pressure of book blogging in regards to buying books! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Does the love interest have to die? {Discussion}

Before I get into this post I just want to say a quick thank you for over 500 followers! I’ve been planning to thank everyone for a while but every time I write up a new post I completely forget about it. All you guys reading what I have to say means a lot to me, especially when you stick around while I once again disappear for a while – so thank you!

Today I’m bringing to you a discussion post that is sort of bookish but more media-related in general. We’ve all had that moment of disappointment when the love interest is this close to being happy with another character and then – dead. I’ve been thinking about the reasons for this for a long time, and today I’m finally going to discuss them!


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Can you enjoy difficult books? {Discussion}

When I finished reading Asking for It by Louise O’Neill a few weeks ago, I realised how much I had actually enjoyed it. I gave the book five stars in my review, so you’d think it’s obvious I enjoyed it. However, when it comes to books that deal with difficult topics, books that have terrible things happen to the characters, the ratings are often based on the importance of the book as opposed to the actual enjoyment of reading it. So today I want to ask you this: can you actually, genuinely enjoy difficult books?


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What a strange title for a blog post, right? Well, I recently had a look at my bookshelves, and I realised that something was bothering me. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, until I looked at my TBR pile.

Now, you should know that the books I have read are arranged on my shelves vertically – you know, the typical way. But on my TBR shelf, the books lieĀ on top of each other. This wouldn’t be important, if it hadn’t helped me understand what was bothering me about my shelves: GERMAN SPINES ARE UPSIDE DOWN.

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