(A very belated) birthday book haul!

Hello again and happy Saturday! As some (or, more likely, none) of you may know, my birthday was December 12, and I mentioned on Twitter that I got way too many books! My girlfriend went wild buying basically every book I’ve ever mentioned to her, and three other friends of mine got me books as well, even though I really didn’t need more. My TBR pile has reached a ridiculous height and I have now prohibited everyone from giving me books ever again.

Let’s dive into the books, shall we?


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Norwich bookshop crawl + Book haul!

As you guys might have noticed, I have a new header! My blog looked kind of horrifying for a while after I experimented with some design stuff, but I was too busy with essays and other university things to take care of it. So today I finally decided to sit down and dedicate some time to figuring out what I want my blog to look like. I’m pretty happy with the header now – it’s not perfect, but it’s clear and relatively pretty. I hope you guys like it!

But moving on to the actual blog post: I went on a bookshop crawl around the beautiful city of Norwich on Friday, and after visiting six different bookshops I ended up with 10 new books. So this is going to be an overview of the bookshops and what kind of books they sell, as well as a book haul! Let’s get right into it.



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Zine fair haul | Poetry, short stories & graphic novels

If you know me, you know I love short books, especially if they’re published by small, independent presses. There was a zine & print fair in Norwich a while back, and I couldn’t resist picking up some things – poetry collections, short stories, and even a graphic novel!

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London book haul! (Gay’s the Word & Judd Books)

I’m finally back from London! The London Book Fair was amazing, and while I will definitely dedicate a whole post to what the event was like, I thought I would first share with you the books that I got in the big city! I only got one of these at the actual fair, because the LBF is mainly an industry event with workshops and panels for people who want to go into publishing or want to advance their publishing careers. But of course I couldn’t resist visiting some bookshops on my first ever trip┬áto London – and this lovely haul is the result.


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A #WorldBookDay haul!

Happy World Book Day everyone! The University of East Anglia hosted a book fair in honour of this special day, and of course I couldn’t miss out on it! I wanted to just browse really quickly and then leave for a different event I had planned to go to, but … well … we all know what book browsing is like. So I ended up staying for almost two hours and I bought way too much! It was all fairly cheap, but still. I’m a student, when am I gonna have the time to read all of this?

The fair had a few different stalls selling different types of literature. Some sold actual books, but there were also stalls by independent publishers, selling zines and poetry collections. I picked up a bit of everything, so let’s get right into it!

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Small, unintentional book haul | June 2016

You know how I’m always so proud of the fact that I don’t buy books until I have a very small TBR? Well, I kind of cheated. But I have my reasons.

My mom and I went to the market this Sunday. The word “market” doesn’t sound like a place where you’d find great books, but I live on a touristy island, so other rules apply. There are two book-selling stalls at this market, both for charity purposes. One collects money for the local animal shelter (I did a book haul with books from there in April, which you can check out here), and the other for, I believe, a rehab centre.

Both these stalls sell used books that were donated, and I’ve given them books myself on various occasions. I just love them a lot, and I always find amazing books there. So that’s my excuse – I hadn’t been to the market in a while, and I couldn’t just ignore the books, could I?


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