Can you enjoy difficult books? {Discussion}

When I finished reading Asking for It by Louise O’Neill a few weeks ago, I realised how much I had actually enjoyed it. I gave the book five stars in my review, so you’d think it’s obvious I enjoyed it. However, when it comes to books that deal with difficult topics, books that have terrible things happen to the characters, the ratings are often based on the importance of the book as opposed to the actual enjoyment of reading it. So today I want to ask you this: can you actually, genuinely enjoy difficult books?

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Norwich bookshop crawl + Book haul!

As you guys might have noticed, I have a new header! My blog looked kind of horrifying for a while after I experimented with some design stuff, but I was too busy with essays and other university things to take care of it. So today I finally decided to sit down and dedicate some time to figuring out what I want my blog to look like. I’m pretty happy with the header now – it’s not perfect, but it’s clear and relatively pretty. I hope you guys like it!

But moving on to the actual blog post: I went on a bookshop crawl around the beautiful city of Norwich on Friday, and after visiting six different bookshops I ended up with 10 new books. So this is going to be an overview of the bookshops and what kind of books they sell, as well as a book haul! Let’s get right into it.


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Book review: Asking for It by Louise O’Neill | Sexual assault, social media & girl hate

Hellooo, I’m back! I have officially submitted my essays and am now a free elf. I haven’t even looked at WordPress in weeks, so I will do some serious blog hopping soon – but first, I have some reviewing to do! I feel kinda rusty, so we’ll see how this goes.

Asking for It follows Emma O’Donovan, the most popular girl at school. She has her circle of attractive friends and everyone is in love with her – until she is drugged and sexually assaulted at a party, with pictures of the event all over the internet. The novel deals with victim-blaming and self-blaming, mental health, social media, and sexism, and all of it is done brilliantly.

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Queer Movie Friday

Queer Movie Friday: The 10 Year Plan | Review

The 10 Year Plan is a gay rom-com by director J. C. Calciano, starring Jack Turner and Michael Adam Hamilton. I watched it with a friend because we wanted something fun, light, and gay, and I am not exaggerating when I say that we needed recovery time after all the cuteness. This movie is literally the most adorable shit ever.


General information

Year: 2014

Director: J. C. Calciano

Genre: Romantic comedy

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Book review: The Journey Out by Rachel Pollack and Cheryl Schwartz | A backlist guide for gay teens

The Journey Out is a guide for gay and lesbian teens – how to come out, how to be safe, where to meet fellow LGBT+ teens, and all the other aspects of surviving. But it was published in 1995, and I definitely felt it. The information is limited and often outdated. For that reason, I have decided to change up my review style a little bit, and write a list of ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’.

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Traveling Lanzarote | Castles, caves, pirates & beaches

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might know that I lived on the Canary Islands, more specifically on Lanzarote, before I moved to England. My family still lives there now, so I visit multiple times a year and I’m officially still a resident. When I tell people I live there, the most common reaction I get is surprise – it’s not really a place people associate with ‘living’. In fact, we have more tourists than actual residents, as crazy as that sounds.

I want to be completely honest: I don’t like living there. It’s nice for the holidays if you like lying on the beach or you’re interested in rural tourism and fresh aloe vera products, but for living it kind of sucks. It’s a tiny island, and that comes with limitations. It’s also not a very reader-friendly place. Most of the people I met in the 6 years I lived there loved sports and being outside and weren’t really interested in books. I mean, it makes sense – it has a really warm climate, so people go outside a lot. Unfortunately, I hate dry weather. I like forests and I take a lot of walks now that I live in England, but on Lanzarote I mostly do nothing all day because I just hate how dry the place is.

BUT I’m not writing this post to drag the place, I actually want to show you guys some cool stuff you can do and places you can visit if you happen to travel there. A friend from my university visited me in January and I decided to show her around the island because she had never been. I took a lot of pictures of literally everything, so I thought why not share them! Here we gooooo ~

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Zine fair haul | Poetry, short stories & graphic novels

If you know me, you know I love short books, especially if they’re published by small, independent presses. There was a zine & print fair in Norwich a while back, and I couldn’t resist picking up some things – poetry collections, short stories, and even a graphic novel!

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