Review policy

If you would like me to review your book, please first read this page, as it includes information on what books and formats I read and what I’m definitely not interested in reviewing, as well as how quickly I will read and review your book.


What books do you read?

I read fantasy, YA fiction (not everything, mostly with LGBT+ or other diverse themes), books with minorities as main characters, LGBT+ fiction and non-fiction of all kinds, dystopian (depends on how original it sounds), adult fiction, some middle-grade (depends on the subject, but I’m happy to consider it), fiction that focuses on mental health, historical fiction (especially if it’s set in Ancient Greece), books based on mythology, books set in Nigeria (especially if by female writers), fun and accessible non-fiction (mainly if it’s about gender, sexuality, history, or literature), graphic novels, poetry (I love poetry collections!), and short-story collections. I will very rarely read thrillers or science-fiction novels, but if yours happens to sound amazing, I might consider it. You can look at my review directory to see what books I have reviewed on my blog so far, and for a more exhaustive list of everything I have ever read you can browse my Goodreads shelves.

What books do you NOT read?

I will not accept books for review that fall into the genres of crime fiction, pure romance, chick-lit, erotica, self-help, spirituality and religion, cookery, and horror. Please do not send me review requests for these types of books.

What formats will you consider?

I only read print copies of books. I DO NOT read e-books, and I also won’t review audiobooks.

Do you read self-published authors?

I’m sorry, but no, I don’t. If you’re a self-published author, please do not send me requests to review your book, as I will not reply.

Do you read books from small, independent publishers?

Absolutely! I have a great love for indie publishers, so as long as you have a nice website and seem like a professional company, I will definitely consider your book.

Where will the review be posted?

I will review your book on my blog, and I will give it a star-rating on Goodreads. I always share my blog posts on Twitter, so the review will appear there as well. If I post a monthly reading wrap-up on my blog the month I review your book (I don’t always post them depending on how busy I am), I will mention your book once more and talk briefly about whether I liked it or not and why, as well as link back to the full review.

When will the review be posted?

I am a full-time student and don’t always have time to read, but if I accept your book for review it will be moved to the top of my pile, and I will do my best to read and review it within a month of the day I receive it.

What if you don’t like my book?

If I accept your request, I will post a review whether I like the book or not, and it will feature my honest opinion. In the case that I really cannot stand your book and don’t finish it, which happens very rarely, I will mention on Twitter and possibly my monthly reading wrap-up that I couldn’t finish it, and I will give it a negative star-rating on Goodreads.


If you’ve read all of the information above and you think your book fits my requirements, you can e-mail your request to

Thank you!


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